Primer for Tonight’s Fifth GOP Primary Debate

CNN GOP Debate contestents

Anyone want to take a 50 to 1 wager that something mildly insulting will be said about Muslims tonight?  



It’s weird that even though we’re so close to the holiday season, there are not one, but TWO primary debates happening this week! First up is tonight’s GOP debate where it would be the fifth (!!) one of these this year. At this point of the year, most of us are running on empty and feeling like this…


Yes, pray for Mojo indeed! Here’s what to look for in tonight’s primary debate.



Views on Muslims Immigrating to the US

Syrian Refugee


It’s pretty clear that everyone on the GOP stage wants a halt on Syrian refugees coming to the US. But what about Donald Trump’s proposed ban on ALL Muslims entering the US? The Republican Party as a whole had a very interesting reaction to Trump’s comments.


Some (like the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan) rejected his notion for banning all Muslims as un-American, while others in the GOP field have been surprisingly silent on the issue. It could be that many of them are still sussing out exactly how they feel on the topic. Or it could be that there is a section within the Republican Party that is identifying to Trump’s Islamophobic message, yet national polls show only about 25% of Americans are in support of banning all Muslims from entering the US, which in turn is worrying GOP leaders about winning the battle (the Republican Primary) only to lose the war (the general election). We’re going to say it’s probably because of the later.



Et Tu, Cruz?

Trump and Cruz


A few months ago, it looked like Ted Cruz had found his political soulmate in Donald Trump. They even held a rally together to stop the Iran nuclear deal back in September! But like Sonny and Cher or Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell, “the business” got in the way!


As Cruz continues rise through the polls, Trump gets more-and-more wary of his challenger. Cruz is different from other candidates like Ben Carson or Marco Rubio, the base that Cruz excites is exactly the same people Trump is currently courting. It’s almost certain that these two will go after each other tonight, which in itself might be worth a watch.



Pulling Up from a Nosedive



If you’re a GOP candidate that is not Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, or Marco Rubio; things aren’t looking too great for you at the moment. A handful of months ago names like Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and especially Ben Carson were talked about by political groups as being strong alternatives to Trump.


Now? Their campaigns are nosediving so fast, with Bush setting millions on fire with campaign ads, Fiorina steadily being forgotten in almost every survey, and Carson continuously losing conservative-Christians to Cruz these candidates are in need of a momentum boost entering 2016. As we have said before, one debate won’t make or break any candidate, but a strong performance tonight as we head to 2016 won’t hurt either.


The fifth Republican Primary debate is scheduled to start at 8:30-9:00 EST on CNN. You can watch the debate online here.



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