About Last Night: The Third Democratic Primary Debate

ABC Dem Debate

If no one knows the debate happened, did it even happen at all? #DeepThoughts



Before you ask, yes there was a debate between the Democratic nominees on Saturday. And no, nothing really happened. Never the less, here’s our takes on Saturday’s Democratic primary debate.



Still Would Probably Get More Views Than Saturday’s Debate




Hillary the Hawk


Truthfully speaking, the differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders aren’t in the broader strokes, they’re in the details. Nothing showed that more than their stances on military action in Syria. For Clinton, even though she refuses to put troops on the ground, there is an emphasis on her part to take out both the Bashar al-Assad Regime and ISIS. While many liberals like Sanders would prefer that US military action focus on ISIS first and not deal with the Assad regime until they’re pushed out of Iraq.


While the exchange at the debate on Saturday was short, it did show a fundamental difference between Clinton and the rest of the Democratic Party.


It showed that Hillary Clinton is a hawk.


She is a politician that believes military force is a necessity in a hostile world. Even as Secretary of State, her insistence in taking military action in Libya to oust Muammar Gaddafi – which has now created a power vacuum in an already unstable region – has been met with criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. In the general election, these questions will undoubtedly come up, regardless of who her GOP contender is. As for the Democratic Party, it’s all but certain at this point the Clinton will become the eventual nominee. So for many Democrats, her hawkish stance on foreign policy will be something they’ll have to come to terms with by November.


(FYI: Yes we know the video above is from the CNN debate, but her stance hasn’t changed on the issue.)



When You Know You’ll be the Democratic Nominee Come November






Odd Man Out


Martin O’Malley has always been the odd man out in these primary debates. Saturday night was when it finally got awkward.




As the moderators themselves were slowly striking out the differences between Sanders and Clinton, O’Malley always looked to be an afterthought. He has always been “that other guy” who’s also running for the Democratic ticket, because… you know… why not? With Millennials and liberals standing by Sanders and Clinton attracting everyone else in the Democratic Party, at some point O’Malley has to understand there might not be enough room for him at the table. At some point you have to come to the realization, you’re just taking up time on the debate stage.


But considering O’Malley’s recent comments about the Democratic primary potentially “turning on a dime”, we can expect a lot more awkward moments in the coming year.



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