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CNN Fifth Debate

Seriously, this was the fifth one of these this year!!



While you we’re out living the dream of holiday parties and eggnog we watched last night’s GOP debate, making it the fifth one this year. Yeah… we don’t know why we watched it either. While we go and examine our life decisions, here’s our takeaways from last night’s debate.



“The Internet, Stupid!”


There are fewer things that bring us joy – and an overwhelming sense of dread – than politicians talking about the Internet. And last night’s GOP debate had that in spades! Topics of encryption data to the intelligence community’s data gathering practices to policing the Internet were all discussed at nauseam. The general takeaway?


Politicians still don’t understand how the Internet works?


Between Donald Trump wanting to close half the Internet and Carly Fiorina yammering about servers, politicians – which include both Democrats and Republicans – can’t understand the fundamentals of what makes the Internet work because the Internet itself is complicated. Going on a debate stage and trying to condense it to a quick sound bite or policy initiative is just idiotic.


Now this would all be hilarious, if it weren’t for the fact that the people on stage could very well be making decisions on Net Neutrality and online policy for the next couple of years! Terrorists using social media to communicate/recruit individuals online is ABSOLUTELY a major security issue! But Trump’s claim about “shutting off pockets of the Internet so they can’t use it” is an asinine answer to a more complicated question on free speech and national security.


Questions about the Internet are important in a presidential debate, just wish the candidates could evolve pass the Ted Stevens way of thinking about it…



Man Maybe We Should Be Watching the Undercard Debates, They Look Fun!





Bush May Just Not Be Built for This



Last night Jeb Bush and Donald Trump squared off again.


And it wasn’t pretty.




The way the Bush campaign keeps burning money and after five lackluster debate performances, we have to start rethinking the way we look at Jeb Bush. Originally everyone who follows politics – including us – looked at Bush as this political force that would be the eventual nominee of the Republican Party.


Yet, that is not how it’s played out.


With falling poll numbers, more delegates deciding to turn elsewhere for support, and with each campaign ad actually losing votes, it may be over for Jeb Bush. Sure he has a massive war chest, but all money does in this case is hold-off the inevitable. That back-and-forth with Trump shows that Bush is clearly out of his element. While true, Trump may be a horse’s ass the lodges insults at anyone who engages him and leans on bullying tactics to dodge tough questions, but he is right about one thing; Jeb Bush is fighting a losing battle that he has already lost.


As the other candidates on the stage realized long ago that confronting Trump on his bullshit was a fool’s errand and it’s smarter to just let him shoot himself in the foot. Last night, Bush tried to standup to a bully and failed miserably.


Maybe Trump is right, Bush is just not built for this.




Ted Cruz is Watching



Ok GOP, Sell Me on a Rubio v Cruz Card


For weeks now there has been this idea among many political analysts that all roads in the GOP primaries will eventually lead to the party picking either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz as their nominee. In last night’s debate, the CNN moderators had specifically asked multiple times that Cruz and Rubio talk about their various voting records in the Senate. This actually makes a lot of sense, because both Cruz and Rubio represent the two factions of the current GOP; those who identify with establishment candidates (traditional Republicans) and those who identify with outsider candidates (Tea Partiers/those in the far-right).


As for the Republican Party, they couldn’t be any happier.


For months, heads of the Republican Party have been trying to figure out candidates that would appeal to both factions of the GOP. Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz represent an alternative to the other faction’s favorite that both sides would be willing to live with. Ted Cruz – not being that far off to Donald Trump’s views policy wise – is someone you could see the GOP Establishment at least picturing being their nominee, because they could actually control Cruz to certain degree with money and political clout. While Marco Rubio – someone many establishment voters are starting to get behind, rather than Jeb Bush – is “outsider” enough to appease those on the far-right. Granted Cruz is fucking insane and Rubio isn’t the most forthcoming on his Senate record, but if Trump is to go down – and at least we think he will – the GOP would be left with a better alternative.


(Ok… maybe not Cruz, because again, he’s fucking insane!)



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