A Record Number of Gun Sales Happened This Year on Black Friday

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How that one statistic says a lot about the health of the gun industry and the culture that surrounds it in the US.



While you were probably clotheslining an elderly women for a $300 TV, many Americans last Friday were buying guns instead. According to the FBI, around 185,345 background checks were performed. That’s about two background checks per second! Believe it or not, there’s a lot to talk about in that statistic. Here are some of our takeaways.



  • Background Checks for Guns = Gun Sales: While the before measured equation is definitely not a one-to-one ratio – since some states require regular background checks for those that want to keep their gun permits – but generally speaking, most government agencies and even gun manufactures themselves look at background check date as a general statistic of how well the gun industry is doing. And based off of recent background check statistics, for the gun industry, business is a-boomin’!


“To be fair, at these prices, you’re losing money not buying a gun!”

“To be fair, at these prices, you’re losing money not buying a gun!”


  • This Black Friday Broke the Record for Background Checks in a Single Day: As stated earlier, if we equate background checks to gun sales, that would mean last Friday broke the record for gun sales in a single day, by a significant margin! By almost 10,000!!


  • Black Friday is Generally a Strong Day for Gun Sales: While this stat will be surprising to some, if you really think about it, shouldn’t be all that surprising at all. Black Friday in general is a big shopping day for many things. It’s only natural that guns would be part of that equation in some areas. Just type in “gun as Christmas gift” into Google Images and see for yourself. In the chart below, four of those days that gun sales broke records were on Black Fridays.


FBI Background Check Chart


  • The Other Times During the Year When Gun Sales Spiked Were After Tragedies: This is a bit of a morbid fact, but in the chart above, three of those days that gun sales spiked happened after the Sandy Hook Shooting. The fear from many gun owners came from the idea that the government would try to limit or crackdown gun sales with gun control measures. To be fair, the government tried, but failed miserably.


  • In General, While President Obama has Been in Office, Gun Sales Have Shot Up (No Pun Intended): The fear for many gun rights activists have been that President Obama would bring new regulations on gun control which would make it harder to buy a gun. While President Obama has tried to bring the issue to the forefront, he hasn’t been very successful. All the while, gun sales continue to hit record numbers while he’s in office. With many Americans generally split over whether we should have more gun rights or more gun control, last Friday proved that gun culture and the gun industry might not be going anywhere any time soon.



(Photo Credits: Google Images, The FBI’s Firearm Background Check Report)


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