Your Jobs Report Mantra for October 2015

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As we meditate on jobs numbers, Janet Yellen meditates on interest rates.



Here’s your mantra for the September 2015 Jobs Report:

“As the jobs numbers rise, so does our economic chakra, yet still we must not let our minds be chained to worldly statistics.”



It is a wise man that once said, “for a phoenix to rise, they must first burn.” In September’s jobs report, many had not found their inner zen due to their expectations not matching with reality. The phoenix was burning. Yet in the October’s jobs report, their inner zen had been set free. The phoenix was now in flight.


As the unemployment rate had remained at a steady five percent, all indicators of a healthy economy rose in October, bringing our minds at peace. As the US economy gained 271,000 jobs and those working part-time – because they could not find a full-time job – fell by 269,000, the US economy was reaching a euphoric state of peace.


Yet as we meditate on the October jobs report, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen looks to begin trance meditation on the US’ low interest rate levels. As Yellen begins to enter a month long meditative trance on US interest rates before the Federal Reserve’s December meeting, others have started to tap into their inner economist and contemplate themselves whether the US’ historically low interest rate will be raise like an ocean tide. Those who have come out of their meditative nirvana, after concentrating on October’s Jobs Report, believe interest rates are likely to rise.


As for here and now, let us escape into ourselves with the chants of a Wall Street trading floor in hopes of bringing our minds to an economic peace.




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