While We Were Out: As We All Recover from Our Turkey Comas

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Trump does more “Trump-ish” things, President Obama finally signs the defense bill, plus thoughts on the recent Planned Parenthood shooting.



If you’re anything like us, you ate just a bit too much and slept a little longer than you should’ve, which makes this Monday all the more painful! Regardless, while you we were eating our weight in turkey and clotheslining our way to a cheap TVs, politics was still barely happening around us. Here’s some stuff we missed while we were gone.



  • But before we get into our rundown of stuff we missed, just a friendly reminder about our TPT Holiday Mailbag! Right now we’re accepting political-ish questions which we plan to answer during the holiday season. You can send your questions to the email address contact@thepostturtle.com with the phrase “TPT Holiday Mailbag” in the subject line. We’ve already received some great questions, but we could always take more. So keep them coming! Now back to our regularly scheduled post.


  • During Thanksgiving weekend Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter then demanded the New York Times and the reporter give him an apology. Donald Trump: Keepin’ the 2016 GOP Field Classy!


Donald Trump Vomiting a Rainbow


  • Right before the break, President Barack Obama finally signed the yearly defense authorization bill (or the National Defense Authorization Act). The $607 billion defense bill includes $5 billion in defense cuts which was not present in its previous iteration that President Obama had vetoed a little under a month ago. The Obama administration’s previous complaints over the earlier defense bill included softened defense spending cuts without loosening the budget for cuts on domestic programs and restrictions for the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison. While the revised defense budget made more substantial cuts to many defense programs, the language to restrict the closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison stayed in the legislation, making its closing almost impossible during Obama’s presidential term. Looks like the closing of Guantanamo will always be President Obama’s white whale.


  • As you must’ve heard, over the weekend nine were injured and three are dead after a gunman started to fire at individuals near a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. As of this writing, it’s still unclear what the gunman’s “true” motives were, but many close to the investigation are claiming it to be a case of domestic terrorism. While everyone’s thoughts go out to the families touched by this tragedy it’s also a reminder that domestic terrorism is still a problem in the US. And according to a study by the Washington research group New America, are worse than terror attacks from jihadists… Just something to think about.



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