Understanding the Agreement on the Defense Bill through Guacamole and Chips

Guacamole and Chips

Guacamole and chips, is there anything they can’t explain!



For over a month now, in the shadows of the debt ceiling and budget deal, the annual defense bill has been a thorn on the side for both the White House and Congress. Finally there looks to be compromise on the situation.


Congressional negotiators are saying they have struck a deal in regards to the annual defense bill. In its current form, the bill slims the defense budget by $5 billion bringing it even with the recently passed two-year federal budget. More importantly this ends a pretty tense standoff between President Obama and a GOP controlled Congress.


In the original defense bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Congress pushed through the bill in both the House and Senate, but President Obama then vetoed the legislation when it came to his desk. The reason? The Obama administration argued that the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund was being used by Republicans to not make meaningful cuts to the defense bill while other programs that had been capped due sequestration-era budget cuts were still being eliminated or being held back funding wise.


Need a better explanation? Ok how about this.


Essentially look at the budget as guacamole and various government programs as chips. However the problem, there is only so much guacamole to go around because a few years ago everyone decided we should all limit the amount of guacamole we’re eating from the federal budget.


Now the Obama administration is upset because that Republicans continue to take more guacamole with each chip, in the federal budget, by getting it from both the defense bill AND the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund. While this is going on, President Obama and the Democrats are getting less guacamole with each chip because they can only get their share from certain areas in the federal budget, in which everyone agreed they would use less of.


So President Obama thinks that Republicans should either allow everyone to eat more guacamole by increasing more of it in the federal budget or decrease the amount of guacamole from defense budget. That’s why in a compromise, the Republicans decreased the guacamole in the defense budget by $5 billion.


That’s basically what happened.


Man, does anyone else suddenly have a craving for some guacamole and chips?


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