True, False, or Tralse: Trump’s Claim that New Jersey Muslims Cheered in 9/11 Attacks

Donlad Trump

This sounds like bullshit. And it probably is bullshit. But let’s do our due diligence never the less.



Ok we all know this claim is most certainly bullshit, but our job here is to find the crux of all things politics and ridicule politicians when appropriate. This is one of those rare instances where we can potentially do both! So let’s get started.



The Claim:

In a rally last week Donald Trump made this claim about New Jersey Muslims and their reaction to the terrifying events on 9/11.



Now hinting that “thousands” of New Jersey Muslims cheered when the World Trade Center went down is a BOLD FUCKING STATEMENT! When you’re saying something like that you have be sure what you’re saying is a 100% accurate!


Then again, it’s election season and Trump did say this during one of his stump speeches, so maybe we were hearing him out of context… is something you could have only said before his interview with George Stephanopoulos in which he doubled down on his comments which he said he saw the celebrations with his own eyes.



The Facts:

Listen, we get it. Fact checking something Trump says on the campaign trail at this point is just pure folly. The number of inaccuracies that Trump perpetrates with stump speeches and debates are just staggering!


So if you’re saying to yourself, “wow really guys, this is what you’re doing with your resources”, we think that’s fair criticism. But once again, making a statement that Muslims in New Jersey – ON AMERICAN SOIL (!!) – were cheering during the attacks in 9/11 AND THEN doubling down on them (!!), is shockingly insane! Even for Donald Trump. So we just had to know.


Yet as we dived into this – as we expected all along – there was just nothing here. Yes, there were pockets of celebrations in foreign countries when the 9/11 attack happened, but in America?


Hell Naw


After much googling and doing some deep dives into newspaper archives from 2001, we found nothin’. Zero. The big goose egg.


From what we can tell, the closest incident Trump could be talking about originally started off as a rumor that Muslims were cheering the attacks near Patterson, NJ. But it was quickly debunked and found that it was perpetrated by Internet message boards and Howard Stern back in 2001.


Howard Stern

“Howard Stern: The most trusted name in news.”


This rumor was also perpetrated by the fact that there is a rather large Muslim community in places like Jersey City and Patterson, but the only story we could find was of the Muslim community in Patterson speaking out AGAINST terrorism!


As in the opposite thing that Trump stated.


So we could only come to one of two conclusions on Trumps 9/11 claim. Either:


(a) Trump is full of shit.




(b) Trump sees things that others don’t see.


It’s most probably (a), but (b) would explain many of Trump’s current political stances.


Also, just a friendly reminder, Trump currently leads in all national polls.


So yeah…


Donald Trump



Verdict: FALSE!



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