Talking Points: President Obama’s G-20 Press Conference (On ISIS and Syrian Refugees)

Obama G20

He talked about how the US is fighting ISIS and his take on Syrian refugees coming to the US.  



The talk was essential to understanding where President Barack Obama is coming from in regards to fighting ISIS and America taking in Syrian refugees. So here are our talking points from the press conference.



  • As President Obama reiterated in the start of this press conference, the US is currently fighting ISIS on multiple fronts. Part of the problem is that the Syrian Civil War – where ISIS has recently taken much control and clout in the region – is basically a giant cluster fuck. According to President Obama, in today’s press conference, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. The actions taken place by the US to fight ISIS takes time. So he’s telling everyone should just chill.


  • It’s still fascinating that President Obama calls the terrorist group ISIL and not ISIS. We talked about it here.


  • Some people – cough Jeb Bush cough – want ground troops in Syria to fight ISIS. President Obama has an answer for that…


Hell Naw


  • Quick Note: It’s important to take note that President Obama – along with Democrats – don’t refer to ISIS as “radical Islamists” like many conservatives do. In fact for many Republicans, it has become a talking point in their campaigns. While it may seem like political semantics, using Islam to describe ISIS is a concentrated effort by many politicians to make sure the US isn’t equating terrorism attacks to Islam in any way. Many like President Obama feel that it could be harmful to the US effort against ISIS and insensitive to Muslims around the world. As President Obama said, we have to look at this situation as a terrorist problem, not a Muslim problem.


  • A Message to His Critics (Or The First Time a Sitting US President Used the Phrase “Pop Off”):



  • President Obama claimed the US is “the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people” with $4.5 billion in aid. While this sounds like bullshit, it actually is true! While a large portion of the aid is given to host nations that take in many of the Syrian refugees, still that is a lot of money in foreign aid!


  • While we’re on the subject of Syrian refugees, President Obama still wants to take in Syrian refugees. He believes that the Syrian refugees are some of the people that are most affected by terrorism (which he’s right by the way). Many GOP governors however, after hearing President Obama’s remarks, quickly wanted to cutoff resettled Syrian refugees from settling in their states. As of this writing the list of states that want to block refugees from entering their borders grew to 14 that included, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Texas, and others. But here’s the thing, a governor can’t impede the movement of refugees in the U.S. once they have legal status because resettlement documentation is handled at the federal level, not at the state or local ones. Basically, this is a non-issue. So basically GOP governors…


Shut Up



Don’t trust us on our talking points from today’s press conference? Think we’re pawns of the liberal media or Roger Ailes’ cabana boy for the conservative Illuminati?! Well my paranoid friend, you can see the press conference for yourself below.    




(Photo Credits: The White House YouTube Channel, Twitter, Google Images)


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