Some Primer for the Fourth GOP Primary Debate

Fourth GOP Debate Stage

What, AGAIN?!? Didn’t we just have one of these?



Yup, even though it wasn’t that long ago, it’s time for another GOP Primary debate. And based on some of the fallout from last time, this one could be a little different from the others. And by “a little different” I mean exactly the same. Anyway, here’s what to look for in tonight’s debate!



Who Is (and Isn’t) On Stage

It's About Damn Time


THANK YOU MERCIFUL GOD, they FINALLY cut down the number of people on stage!! See even Captain Picard agrees!


Can we all just admit that it was getting ridiculous? It’s amazing that more people didn’t sound-off the opinion that maybe the moderators were having such trouble wrangling in all the candidates because there were just too many of them!


While the number of candidates isn’t that drastically cut down – there will still be eight candidates on stage – still eight is a much more manageable number. The more interesting aspect actually comes from the two candidates that became the odd men out. Both Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie have been delegated to the “kids table” of the Republican Primary debates with Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum. Considering someone like Christie likes to bogard much of the debate time, so with fewer people on stage, he could “pull a Fiorina” and slingshot himself back to the main stage.


For the record, this probably won’t happen because we’re already in November, but we also predicted that Donald Trump would have crashed-and-burned in the polls by now and look how that turned out.



All Eyes on the Moderators

Maria Bartiromo


I honestly can’t remember a debate where there is more attention to the moderators and their questions, then to the actual candidates. After the CNBC brouhaha it’s interesting to see what questions the moderators will actually field to the candidates.


For those wondering, the three moderators will be Maria Bartiromo, Neil Cavuto, and Gerard Baker. Our guess, considering it’s Fox Business – a channel that champions fiscal conservatism – add that to the amount of backlash that NBC suffered over the CNBC debates, the questions should be pretty standard fair, with a few soft-lobs in for good measure.


Though in regards to questions, we do have one request.



Ben Carson StabGate 2015

Ben Carson Knife


Over the last few weeks, Ben Carson’s life history has been… let’s say questioned. Now it’s certain that there will be questions regarding Ben Carson’s history, but here at The Post Turtle we would like to make one request.


We just want to hear a quick exchange between Trump and Carson over if Carson actually stabbed someone or not! We have ZERO idea what to expect from this exchange, but we can pretty much guarantee that it would be the highlight of the debate!


Either that or a lightning round “Yes/No” section on whether each nominee would kill baby Hitler.


You know, “real” hard hitting questions.



(The debate is scheduled at 9 PM Eastern on Fox Business or live streamed at For you real political masochists, the “undercard debate” with  Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie is scheduled to begin at 7 PM Eastern.) 



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