Primer for Tonight’s Second Democratic Primary Debate

Second Democratic Debate

Yup, it’s a Saturday debate. And nope, we don’t feel like talking about it either after the events of yesterday…



I think we should first talk about the elephant in the room. Everyone is devastated about last night’s terrorist attacks in Paris. In times when these all we want to do is hold our loved ones a little longer and search for something familiar, for some of us it was comedies, video games, and some “Law and Order” reruns. Notice covering Democratic primary debates weren’t part of that. Never the less, tonight’s second Democratic Primary debate is still happening and it’s important that it’s covered. So here are things you should watch for.



Terrorist Attacks in Paris Will Now Be the Focus of This Debate



It’s impossible not to be, right? For the past few months, when candidates talked about why they would be the ideal presidential candidate, it was always in the framing of domestic issues. This time however, with the Paris terrorist attacks still fresh in everyone’s mind, ISIS and Homeland Security has all of a sudden become center issue in these presidential debates. For months candidates like Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders have used rhetoric to talk about border political ides, after these attacks, high minded rhetoric may no longer be enough.



The Hillary Clinton Problem


Since the moment above, Hillary Clinton has increased her lead on Bernie Sanders in the polls, has gained a disgustingly large number of endorsements, and has already started pocketing super delegates. And this isn’t a “oh the media is inflating Clinton’s numbers again” type thing, it’s a “if Sanders doesn’t do something real soon, this could get out of hand” type thing. In debates it’s important that candidates show the debate audiences how they are different from one another. This is even more important in the primaries. Sanders hasn’t done a great job thus far, if he wants to make up ground he better start to at least challenge Clinton in this debate.



Our Opinions on Holding Debates on Saturday…

Are You Kidding Me


Yeah, that’s about right.



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