Political Ad Theater: Ben Carson’s Hip-Hop Radio Ad

Ben Carson

Our apologies, we should have written that title in the proper inflection it deserves, BEN CARSON HAS A HIP-HOP POLITICAL AD IN WHICH HE TALK-RAPS IN!! STREETS!!!!  



Before we get to Ben Carson spitting HOT FIRE (!!) on a track, we should get some of the major details about the radio spot out of the way first. The radio ad is from Carson for America and is spending $15,000 to run for two weeks in Houston, Detroit, Atlanta, and other cities in the South with large African-American populations.


Alright, here’s that ad itself courtesy of ABC Politics:



Oh, man.


OH, MAN!!!


So. Many. Questions.


Ok, where to start?


  • Guys, politics is fucking weird! Can we all just get on the same page here and agree that politics is “the best”, “the worst”, and “bat shit insane” all in the same time?!

  • Now for the ad itself, it was clearly aimed at Black/Urban voters (our guess is they were also trying to go after that elusive minority youth vote that voted President Obama into office back in 2008).

  • So our question, does that person even exist?!? Who’s going to listen to that and tell themselves, “yeah, Carson is preaching the gospel, behind some SICK ASS BEATS! He totally understands where I come from, he’s got my vote!” Like who is that person? THAT PERSON CAN NOT POSSIBLY EXIST!!!

  •  For those wondering who the other rapper was, his name is Aspiring Mogul. Carson has given him dap before.

  • While this rap definitely made our day week, many actual rappers like Talib Kweli were not as impressed (as he told to The Washington Post),


“The most effective way for Ben Carson to reach out to young black voters is to actually care about other black people, which Ben Carson has proven to be incapable of. When you say things like “Obamacare is the worst thing that’s happened to America since slavery” and describe the youth-driven Black Lives Matter as “sickening” and accuse them of “bullying” people, who cares about your rap ad?”       



Hey, but don’t let that get you down Ben Carson! You always have to remember the words of the immortal Tupac Shakur and keep your head up! You just got to get back into that studio and drop another hot track. It’s the only way you’ll prove the haters wrong (and for you to release another ridiculous hip-hop political ad, which we didn’t know we needed until today)!



(Photo Credit: BenCarson.com)


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