Lawrence Lessig Quits the Democratic Primary

Lawrence Lessig

Also in other news, thousands simultaneously Google “Lawrence Lessig” to figure out who the hell he is and why he was trending on Twitter for a hot second…



Today, Harvard professor and reform activist Lawrence Lessig, stepped down from the Democratic Primary. While his run was short lived some on the Internet recognized him as the only true reformer candidate in this election.


Right about now, many of you had this reaction to the aforementioned paragraph.




Which in all honesty, is perfectly fair.


Until just now, his name really didn’t come up on this site. Or anywhere really. But you probably have heard of his work.


As a stringent campaign finance reform activist, he was the man behind the Mayday PAC in the last election cycle. The idea was essentially trying to beat the influence of super PACs by creating a super PAC in hopes of beating them at their own game. The Mayday PAC’s emphasis was to raise money through micro-donations and spend it to elect candidates that backed campaign finance reform. Even with raising over $10 million in the last election cycle, Mayday PAC was generally looked at as a failure.


So Lessig’s next move? To try and run for the presidency!


But as you can see, that didn’t work out either. During his very brief two-month presidential run – even though he did raise $1 million in donations – Lessig just couldn’t get even the slightest bit of momentum, continuously polling under 1%.


While this outcome didn’t surprise anyone, Lessig continued to blame the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for changing the rules so that he couldn’t participate in the nationally televised debate. Since the DNC rules state that you need over 1% in three of the national polls to qualify for the debate, Lessig was continuously fighting an uphill battle. What made it impossible was that many pollsters wouldn’t even put him on the ballot!


Due to these circumstances, Lessig’s campaign was doomed.


However if we’re being honest here, even if Lessig were invited to the Democratic debates and put on the primary polls, it’s hard to see his campaign not ending in any other way. He just never had the financial and political backing to get people to make any real traction. Not to mention, the existence Bernie Sanders made Lessig’s campaign DOA from the very start.


It’s unclear what Lessig will do next, he has talked about running as an independent in the past, but even then it’s hard to see his presidential aspirations ending in any other way. With an unceremonious thud.


Or so it goes.



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