Another One Bites the Dust: Bobby Jindal Suspends His Presidential Campaign

Bobby Jindal Portrait

That governor’s portrait (on the left) is still my favorite picture of Bobby Jindal! But probably not in the way he thinks it’s my favorite anyway…  



On Tuesday night, a political mercy kill took place. During an interview with Fox News, Bobby Jindal announced that he was suspending his 2016 presidential campaign. In the interview he cited a “crazy, unpredictable” election cycle for not getting any traction with voters, claiming that he was a candidate that focused on policy while the race itself was obsessed with the various “personalities” of the GOP.


So just like Jindal and his campaign, the crux of his analysis was absolutely solid, yet contextually, complete bullshit.


The 2016 GOP race has been one of the most volatile primaries in recent memory.  The campaign itself has been filled with personalities of all types and Jindal is right, they absolutely are dominating media coverage of the campaign. Long time strongholds in the Republican Party like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have taken a back seat to vocal conservatives like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The unpredictability of the 2016 GOP primaries has absolutely made once strong party candidates a political casualty of its insanity. If someone like Jeb Bush doesn’t get the GOP nomination, then yes, Bush will absolutely be a victim of circumstance in the 2016 GOP primaries. A politician that could have handily won in past years, just not in THIS particular year.


Jindal on the other hand… his presidential hopes were shot down before they even started. In many ways, the Republican Party had just passed him by.


Eight years ago, Jindal’s future in the Republican Party was bright. At age 36, he became one of the youngest governors in the US when he won Louisiana’s gubernatorial election in 2007. Back then people looked at Bobby Jindal the way people look at Marco Rubio now; young, son of first-generation immigrants, and played party politics well enough to get the attention of the GOP Establishment. He was the future of the Republican Party!


However as the Republican Party as a whole started to change, Jindal stayed the same. Soon aspects that made him electable like his Ivy League-education and his emphasis on streamlined government systems, were no longer selling points. The GOP base wanted politicians that drew lines in the sand and challenged Democrats openly. Jindal – no matter how hard he tried – was never “that guy.” Sure he was vehemently against gay marriage and swore he witnessed an exorcism but still, the type of anger a Donald Trump can tap into or the unfathomable devotion to Bible passages like Ben Carson has was just never in Jindal.


Or to be more precise, he could never get the Republican base – particularly the Tea Partiers – to believe that it was in him. Combine that with the fact Marco Rubio had become the GOP Establishment’s “candidate of the future”, there was just no room for Jindal in this GOP Primary.


It’s not that it wasn’t his time, it’s that his time had passed.


Though if you’re to ask Jindal, he’d probably tell you differently.


Or so it goes.



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