About the Night Before: The Second Democratic Primary Debate

Second Democratic Debate Stage

Considering you guys didn’t really watch the debate, we figured we could be a day late in our thoughts. That’s how the Internet works, right?



Originally we were going to post this yesterday, but… you know… the weekend happened. Regardless, here’s our (slightly tardy) thought’s on Saturday’s Democratic Primary debate.




Ripples in Water


In the debate Saturday night, almost an hour was spent on foreign policy, specifically questions regarding ISIS and the US’ counter-terrorism measures toward them. Granted it had been less than 24-hours, so the attack was still fresh in everyone’s mind, but still it was undeniable; the tone of the 2016 presidential election had changed overnight due to the terrorist attacks in Paris.


For guys like us who obsess about politics, since Friday night there has only been one question on our minds; so what now? How does the terrorist attack affect the 2016 presidential election?


The answers are different depending on who you ask.


For people like Ann Coulter, they’re driving around town with their windows down, in a car fueled by the tears of immigrants, screaming “TRUMP 2016, BITCHES!!” For others, like Ezra Klein, they took a more level headed reaction to the situation.


In terms of the actual primaries themselves…


For the Democrats, if debates continue to focus on foreign policy that could be the final death kneel for Bernie Sanders and his 2016 presidential aspirations. Even during this debate, Sanders kept trying to tie foreign policy questions back to domestic issues. It’s pretty obvious that Sanders’ forte lies in debating domestic policy, not on how we should stronghold ISIS into submission. Debate’s like last Saturday makes Clinton’s nomination all the more inevitable.


As for Republicans… who the fuck knows. Both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are sticking by the immigration platforms of not deporting everyone that doesn’t have an Anglo-Saxon sounding last name. While everyone else on the ticket has looked to have lost their minds over the Paris attack, with suggestions like closing all US borders. If you thought the GOP primaries were an unpredictable mess of a tire fire before, the Paris attacks just put more gasoline on it.



“Mrs. Clinton, Why are Individuals from Wall Street Such Big Backers to Your Campaign?




The Third Wheel



On Saturday night, the scant few who saw the Democratic debate asked the same question, “who the hell is that third guy?”


For the majority of the Democratic Primary, we always discuss the race in a very binary fashion; either you support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. But we forget that there is a third participant in these primaries, Martin O’Malley.


In a distant third place in the polls behind both Clinton and Sanders, O’Malley looks to be that guy who continues to hang around long after the party is over. During Saturday’s debate, O’Malley was continuously treated like the third-wheel, making him forcefully butt-in after Sanders or Clinton would answer a question.


To be fair though, O’Malley is absolutely the third-wheel in these Democratic primaries. Now that isn’t to say that O’Malley didn’t have some solid moments in Saturday’s debate, it’s just that… none of them were relevant. When you’re down by an insurmountable margin, maybe it’s time to stop being the third wheel.




Finally Our Take of the Second Democratic Primary Debate is Brought to By…



You heard it, TRUMP APPROVED!



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