Your Jobs Report Mantra for September 2015


Even when a jobs report isn’t ideal, your mind must find peace. 



Here’s your mantra for the September 2015 Jobs Report:

“The economy, a turbulent sea. Be like a buoy on water, balance is key.”




The Path to Understanding the September 2015 Jobs Report

With only 142,000 new jobs added to the economy in September – a number that missed its predictions by 59,000 – many have become concerned. Even with the unemployment rate staying at a steady 5.1%, for experts there was no silver lining, the September Jobs Report was disappointing. Their fiscal chakra has now become imbalanced.


Yet, one must always remember to take deep breaths and understand that it is only temporary. The chrysalis of a new economy can only be created once the old one discards its shell. Transition is the way of life, so why must our economy not follow a similar path?


Within a single month’s jobs report lies the randomness of the universe. We must not let it disturb our inner-economic peace within. Now let us meditate on the chants from a Wall Street trading floor.




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