While We Were Out: Well THAT Was An Eventful Few Days…

The Simpsons Technical Difficulties

Of course we would have website troubles when things finally were getting traction in Washington.



There has been a lot going on in the last few days in the political spectrum. And of course we were having issues posting content. So yeah we know, we missed some stuff.


However no worries, we looked to have fixed the problems.


We think…


Anyway, here’s some of the stories we missed while we were out having technical issues.



Benghazi, Fugazi, Let’s Just Call the Whole Thing Off


For those that don’t know, on Nov. 3rd the US is going to hit its debt limit. In the last four years, there have been three close scares to what the Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says would be “catastrophic” if Congress were allowed the US government to default.


Instead of figuring out the congressional debt issue, Congress came to a standstill last Thursday as they grilled Hillary Clinton over Benghazi, her emails, and some guy named Sidney Blumenthal. It went kind of like this…



That’s all you really need to know.



Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight: Lincoln Chafee Drops Out


Early Friday morning, Internet punching bag Lincoln Chafee withdrew from the Democratic Primary. When he wasn’t being represented by asterisks in polls or being reprimanded by Anderson Cooper during a nationally televised debate, Chafee always looked to be out of his element. During the Democratic Primary debate someone actually texted me to ask “who was that old man that has wondered onto the Democratic Primary stage?” And if that doesn’t aptly describe Chaffee’s 2016 presidential run, I don’t know what does.


Chafee never could figure out his niche among the Democratic Primary candidates, which would be his eventual undoing. While he tried to portray himself as the Democrat’s “dove candidate”, Bernie Sanders stole his thunder while Hillary Clinton continued to prove that a Democratic presidential nominee can be hawkish in terms of foreign policy. He just looked overwhelmed by everything going on, not having the proper tools – endorsements and money – to launch a viable Democratic push. After all, that’s what happens when you bring a knife to a political gun fight.



The Man for The Job: Paul Ryan as The New Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan Moving


Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan has been the bell of the conservative ball for the past couple of months. To many in the GOP House caucus, Rep. Ryan is the only one that could potentially bring together establishment Republicans and those GOP representatives from the far-right, recently being referred to as the Freedom Caucus. Originally, many doubted that Rep. Ryan would even be interested in the job, but late Tuesday night that looked to have changed.


In a pretty clever move, Rep. Ryan said he would only accept the Speakership if he could get the entire House GOP Caucus on board, which also meant the Freedom Caucus. Luckily for Republicans, most of the Freedom Caucus said they would back Rep. Ryan if he were to step-up as House Speaker.


Though major problems of GOP unity within the House still exist, many hope Rep. Ryan can bridge that gap. All I know is, a debt ceiling needs to be raised by Nov. 3rd. Here’s to hoping Rep. Paul Ryan is indeed the man for the job…



(Photo Credit: YouTube, Google Images, PaulDavisRyan Instagram)


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