TPT in Images: Don’t Worry Political Journalists, Statistics is Hard

Statistic Zoidberg

Nailed It!



This entry for TPT in Images, comes from the excellent Math with Bad Drawings blog!


Political Journalists and Probability

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You might need some explanation for this one.


While at The Post Turtle, we don’t consider ourselves “political journalists” by any stretch of the imagination, we do cover our fair share of political stories. And during that time, you start to see how journalists – who also cover politics – react to the latest polling results in hopes to extend a story or create a story when none is there.


Take the current primary election coverage. How media outlets are covering the primaries, you would think that the election is around the corner. However in reality, we will have decisively picked a college football national champion before the first primary poll even takes place!


Sadly the above image may hit a little too close to home to be funny.*



*Editor’s Note: Ok I’m over it, it’s fucking hilarious again!!!



(Photo Credit: Google Images, Math with Bad Drawings blog)


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