The Dropout and The Tease: Jim Webb, Joe Biden, and Their Ends

The End of the Road

Thoughts on Jim Webb dropping out of the Democratic Primary and Joe Biden not even entering it.  



“If a candidate drops out and no one knew he was running, was he ever really running at all?”


It’s a question we have to start asking ourselves as more-and-more people start to drop out of the 2016 race. The road to the choosing the 45th President of the United States is paved over with the passing of well intentioned, ill-timed political aspirations. While some will be big names, others will become questions you get wrong at your local bar’s trivia night.


Just keep an eye out for a Jim Webb question in the future…



The Dropout: Jim Webb

Jim Webb


On Tuesday Jim Webb – you know, the guy that acted like an annoyed PTA parent complaining he wasn’t getting enough talking time in last week’s debate – decided to drop out of the Democratic Primary race. To say there were problems with Webb’s presidential bid is to say the Hindenburg was just a tiny mishap.


The idea of Webb running as an “anti-Hillary candidate” might have sounded good on paper, but in reality, it was a train wreck from the start. With his pro- gun rights views and questionable views on affirmative action, the majority of Democrats were cold on Webb. It became obvious during the first debate.


While Webb’s debate performance wasn’t necessarily terrible, it was a little off. Seeing Webb on that Democratic Primary debate stage probably had some casual observers asking, “someone should really tell that Republican candidate that he’s participating in the wrong debate!”


Then again you didn’t need a debate to tell you that Webb was doomed from the start. The Democratic Primaries – similar to the Republican Primaries – focus on their base. That means debating on who has the lower NRA grade to who’s environmental policy is greener. Webb wasn’t built for this kind of race. His was a campaign that needed to be put out to pasture. Plus the reaction of many Democrats from yesterday’s news tended to be the same.


I Don't Care


Webb says he’s considering of running as an independent, which we say… yeah… good luck with that…


But there was news about a potential candidate people did care about.



The Tease: Joe Biden

Joe Biden Meeting and Greeting


Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that he would not be running in the 2016 presidential elections.


Coincidently, the sound you heard as the news broke was from Hillary Clinton in letting out a sigh of relief.


Robot Head Dancing


As seen above, quietly contemplating Biden’s announcement of not entering the 2016 presidential race, with her trusted robot head, Clinton looks to be the biggest winner from yesterday’s announcement. To be blunt, if Joe Biden had decided to enter the 2016 race, Hillary Clinton would have been in a precarious position.


Instead of her steady, yet inevitable march to being the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, she would be in constant battles with Biden deep into the summer. Now with Biden not even running, it’s hard not seeing Clinton as anything but the eventual nominee.




Bernie Sanders Sen Pic


Ok granted, Bernie Sanders has fared well against Clinton as of late, but nationally she still has a 22 point lead. Not to mention the fact that, Clinton’s lead is only going to get higher with Biden confirming that he isn’t running. It’s hard to see those individuals backing Sanders, considering they backed Biden being an “Establishment” candidate.


As for Biden himself, there’s a theory about politics that timing is everything. For Biden’s bid at the White House, it might have come too late. Progressives in the Democratic Party had already been wooed by Sanders while seasoned Democrats were starting to endorse Clinton in droves. For Biden – even though he was polling third on the Democratic ticket – the potential votes he could have once gotten were gone. All Biden’s entrance to the race would have done is made Clinton’s life difficult.


Once again, in politics, timing is everything.


Or so it goes.



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