Some Primer for Tonight’s First Democratic Primary Debate

CNN Wondering Whos Sponsering the Debate

Tonight’s the first Democratic Primary Debate. Here’s some info to get you ready for the event. 



So after talking about the GOP Primary campaign for months, it’s finally time for the Democrats to take the stage! Tonight is the very first Democratic Primary debate of this election cycle. Here are some things you need to know for tonight.  



There’s Only Two Contenders on Stage

CNN Democratic Platform


Don’t let the number of candidates on stage fool you, this is between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Listen, I get it. You always want to be as fair as possible to all the candidates running in this cycle’s Democratic Primary.


Though on the other hand…


Come On


Between Clinton and Sanders, they have 69.5% of the national primary vote! Now to be fair, there is someone in third place that has 19.1% of the vote. And that would be Joe Biden. A guy that hasn’t even decided if he’s running in 2016! A guy THAT ISN’T EVEN DEBATING TONIGHT!!


What about the other three candidates on stage? Well, Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee combined together only get 2.6% of the general vote! They can’t even break 3%!! Don’t expect many questions to be aimed at Webb, O’Malley, or Chafee during the debate. Tonight is all about Clinton and Sanders finally squaring-off.



Like a Heavyweight Fight, It’s All about Controlling the Pace

Championship Belt


Now that we established there are basically two candidates that you should be paying attention for tonight, one of the most intriguing aspects of this debate is the different debate styles that Sanders and Clinton presents. From past debate performances, someone like Clinton thrives on when her opponent attacks her directly during a debate. Once you throw out that first punch, that’s when Clinton starts throwing haymakers.


Yet Sanders – also based on his past debate performances – rarely engages with his debaters directly. Sanders’ style is to go real deep on the issues then tie it back to an underlining theme. (In this case, expect his underling theme to be income inequality.)


Both debaters have very different unique and different styles, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. If there is very little conflict in this debate, that could be a huge boost for Sanders.



Yeah, They Have a Few Differences

Diffrent Strokes


Yes, there are actually topics Clinton and Sanders don’t see eye-to-eye on. Shocking, I know. Here are the two biggest ones that should get pointed out tonight.


  • Major Institutions (Political, Financial, or Otherwise): Clinton is a career politician, for better or worse. In other words, she knows the power that money and connections have. The way she has raised money in her campaign thus far and the ludicrous number of endorsements she has attained, is the reason why she’s a force to be reckoned with in the political spectrum. Sanders on the other hand, wants to break these institutions down. His whole campaign is driven by micro-donations and the promise of fighting these “institutions”, transferring some of their power back to the general masses.  While in the past few weeks Clinton has tried appealing to the more liberal base of the Democratic Party with more populous stances on a variety of issues, but still, even with her change of tone, her affiliations to major institutions make her a far cry from Sanders’ populous platform.


  • Foreign Policy: We have talked about Clinton’s “hawkish” tendencies regarding foreign policy in the past. Even as Secretary of State, you could see Clinton’s hawkish persona shine through her initial appeal of increasing troops in Afghanistan and wanting to arm rebels in Syria. Sanders, is on the other side of the equation, being one of the few that voted against a war in Iraq and wants to take a HUGE chunk out of the defense budget. In tonight’s debate the question of US intervention on foreign conflicts will be asked and if there is going to be a clash between Clinton and Sanders, it will be here.



So, When the Hell is This Thing On?

It’s on 8:30 Eastern on CNN.



But Hey, Isn’t The Flash and Playoff Baseball on Tonight as Well?

Yes… yes it is. Don’t remind me.



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