Political Ad Theater: Hillary Clinton’s “Working Women” Ads

Hillary Clinton Political Ad

Women voters, Hillary Clinton just can’t quit you!!




Yesterday the Hillary Clinton campaign released four political ads that are targeted at women voters. Considering there have been reports that she hasn’t been doing as well with women voters as she traditionally has, the ads make sense.


And to air these tonight during the Republican Primary Debate, well I can see the Clinton campaign getting their kicks by throwing a little shade at the GOP on their debate night. Because after all, it’s the simple joys that make life grand!


Here are the four ads:



The “Sara” Ad (On Equal Pay at the Workplace)



The “Alexis” Ad (On Affordable College in Trying to Get That Sweet, Sweet Youth Vote)



The “Cheryl” Ad (On Higher Incomes w/ a Little Bit of a Jab at Wall Street)  



The “Mindy” Ad (Another Higher Incomes Ad w/ a Jab at CEO Salaries)




(Video Credit: Hillary Clinton’s YouTube Channel)


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