The House voted 240-183 against a measure that would have dissolved the congressional Benghazi panel.



If you’re Hillary Clinton there are two things you’re tired of talking about. One is her private email server. And the second, is about an incident that happened in a relatively small city in Libya called Benghazi. While the email incident continues to be a thorn on Clinton’s side, the 2012 Benghazi Attack has also become an issue that she would rather leave behind as she continues to run in the Democratic primary.


But Congressional Republicans have other ideas.


That’s where the House Select Committee on Benghazi comes in. It’s a congressional committee that will “investigate” the 2012 Benghazi incident and is expected to put out a report of its findings in 2017. Which is conveniently scheduled after the 2016 elections have passed. Now during the investigation process, if this was for some reason to make Clinton’s life difficult on the 2016 campaign trail…


What can they do about it??


Well some Democrats aren’t too amused by the Benghazi committee. Specifically Rep. Louise Slaughter, a Democrat from New York. She recently put out a resolution to kill the House Select Committee on Benghazi.


As you may have guessed in a GOP controlled House, the measure didn’t pass. After the chair ruled Rep. Slaughter’s resolution out of order, the House voted down the resolution 240-183. So the Benghazi panel lives.


Nothing stops the Benghazi train!!!



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