Date Set for House GOP Leadership Elections (And Who’s Eyeing The Speaker’s Seat) (UPDATE)

Speaker of the House Seal

Set your calendars to October 29th kids, because things could get interesting!



Update (10/05/15):  The outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner told the media today that voting for the new Speaker of the House – along with other top positions within the House GOP – will be rescheduled to October 29th. One day before Speaker Boehner’s official day in Congress. While the Speakership position is still Rep. McCarthy’s to lose – even though creative chart interpreter Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah officially announced his bid for Speaker yesterday – the hold-up comes from the other two offices, majority leader and minority whip, that look to be in major contention.  



You probably heard by now that John Boehner is stepping down as Speaker of the House come mid-October. Well, the Republicans are still the majority in the House, so you know what that means…




Oprah Head Explosion


It was announced today that on October 8th, House Republicans would elect new leaders for the House. While the positions do include Majority Leader (second-in-command) and Whip (third-in-command) that will be voted on, let’s just be honest with ourselves here. The real position that everyone is looking at is who’s going to be the new Speaker of the House. Well, we have two candidates.



Rep. Kevin McCarthy (California)

If this was a horse race, Rep. McCarthy would definitely be the favorite to be your next Speaker of the House. Currently he’s the Majority Leader in the House and right behind the Speaker Boehner. While he has done a fairly good job of reaching out to both the moderate and far-right sections of the Republican Party, the problem is he doesn’t look to be the far-right’s choice for Speaker of the House. Many in the far-right, known to many as the Freedom Caucus, don’t look at Rep. McCarthy as much of an improvement over Speaker Boehner. But still with 218 votes needed – of the 247 members – to solidify the nomination in the House, it could get tricky.



Rep. Rep. Daniel Webster (Florida)

As of this writing, Rep. Webster is the only Representative challenging Rep. McCarthy for the top spot. But in all honesty, he really has no shot. Last time he tried to oust Boehner in January, he only got 11 votes. Even though the Freedom Caucus would be behind him on many issues, can’t see him defeating an established candidate for Speakership like Rep. McCarthy. After all, Rep. McCarthy has many friends on K-Street that want him to reach Speaker of the House. And whether you like it or not, that matters.



The lesson to be learned from all of this, the “Establishment” always wins.





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