Arne Duncan Resigns as President Obama’s US Education Secretary

Arne Duncan

Also we check in on Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack.



It’s being reported by the AP that Arne Duncan is calling it quits as President Barack Obama’s US Education Secretary come this December. Duncan was one of the two remaining members of President Obama’s original cabinet back in 2008 that were still in office. Other than his sick basketball skills – HOMEBOY COULD BALL (!!) – Duncan didn’t necessarily have the smoothest transition into becoming Education Secretary.


During his tenure, Duncan continually battled with Teacher’s Unions over K-12 education. Issues regarding his backing for charter schools, merit pay for teachers, and especially Common Core made him a lightning rod for many. It even caused the unholy union of the GOP and Teachers Unions coming together to fight his Common Core initiatives!


But after all, that’s what Duncan was brought in there for, to be an administrator that embraced education reform; unions be damned! While he was one of the longest serving Education Secretaries of all time – 7-Year tenure is no joke – he will also be remembered for his push to improve early childhood education and some of the highest high school graduation rates of all-time that were under his watch. Even though he made some enemies, his results as Education Secretary were impressive.


Which reminds me, we should really check in with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the other official that was still part of President Obama’s original cabinet. How goes it Tom?


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Hang in there buddy, hang in there…



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