About Last Night: The Third GOP Primary Debate

CNBC GOP Debate Setup

Don’t be like us and check how many more debates are left. It’ll only break your heart.  



A great man once said, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Well while you were living your life, we were obsessively obsessed with politics. NO YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!


Here’s what happened last night at the third GOP primary debate!



Thanks, Obama Mainstream Media!



For those of us in the media – and in our case we’re using the term “media” in the loosest sense of the word – last night’s GOP debate induced Jimmy McNulty like responses at our television sets and laptop screens. It basically all started from this Ted Cruz rant…




From there, almost every candidate on that stage took a jab at the moderators hosting the debate. Coincidentally – also using that in the loosest of definitions – these jabs came at questions that they didn’t want to answer. But the truth is, the questions weren’t really all that tough. Republicans kept asking for substantive policy questions in past debates and surprisingly enough, the panelists at CNBC gave them just that, substantive policy questions about their respective tax plans!  And that’s where the condemnation started.


After saying they weren’t being treated fairly by the media, the Republican candidates then went on to complain how the moderators did not want to talk “about the issues?” In which then the media felt something like this…




Republicans, I think it’s time to turn this chair around and have a heart-to-heart.



Real Talk: The GOP and the Mainstream Media



Ok, real talk.


Republicans, the media does criticize your policy initiatives. Quite a bit in fact. But let’s all be honest here, that’s because your plans are designed to be talking points at stump speeches to excite your respective bases without thinking about concrete policy goals that would make them into reality.


Which is perfectly fine, because every politician who has ever ran for government office has done the same thing. But listen, you can’t get upset when people – especially those in the media – call you out on it!


What? You don’t believe your policies have been empty talking points thus far? Ok the, let’s take a look at just three of the GOP tax plans.


Trump: His tax plan does cut taxes on middle class families. But the thing is it cuts EVERYONE’S taxes! As we stated before, it’s the “Oprah giving away cars of tax plans!” Everyone one gets a tax cut! While this plays well on the campaign trail, policy wise, it leaves a $10 trillion hole in the US deficit!


Carson: His plan says that you want to enforce a flat tax rate between 10-15%. In fact, I bet a lot of people would be very interested in that idea. But he can’t call foul when someone questions why the US government would only bring in $1.5 trillion – less than half of what the current US tax code brings in now (!!!) – if your tax plan was implemented, adding almost $2 trillion to the debt!


Cruz: Similar to Carson’s, Cruz’s tax plan is essentially a 10% flat tax (the lowest of the entire party), which means would add even more to the deficit, on top of that, it doesn’t include initiatives that create investment growth (which most flat tax plans have). Which many experts conclude is the tax plan that creates the least amount of economic growth in the GOP field.


And we could go on.


The thing is this, the questions the CNBC moderators gave you are nothing compared to the questions you’ll be getting once the general elections start. Currently the crowds that go and watch these debates, they tend to be from your core base. Right now, your candidates are in this safe protected bubble. But the general elections, think Mad Max: Fury Road, just with more flamethrower guitarists!


Metaphorically speaking, of course.


Also you thought the CNBC people were rough, just think about facing Hillary Clinton in the general election! Did you see the 11 hour long Benghazi Committee Hearing?!?




We get that it’s easy – and politically advantageous – to throw the media under the bus, but just understand this awaits you on the other side.


Hillary Clinton Benghazi


And unlike the media, she could give two shits if she’s being fair to you or not.



Then Again…



Our mothers were right, we should have just went to law school.



I’m Not Saying the Ship Be Sinking, But Maybe We Should Get the Life Rafts Ready Just in Case…?   



In political primaries, there are numerous times in which conventional wisdom has crowned a winner or buried a loser before it was time to call it. The thing you learn from covering elections is that conventional wisdom can be a dangerous, dangerous thing. If you see a crowd of people pointing at something, chances are the truth lies somewhere else. But then other times, it’s spot on.


Which brings us to Jeb Bush.


We’re starting to think that Jeb Bush may be done. Because no matter what metric you use, his campaign isn’t doing too hot at the moment. In terms of endorsements, he’s only gotten only two since Labor Day. He’s been continuously getting middling favorability ratings. Plus his poll numbers continue to plummet. Not to mention, Marco Rubio is suddenly looking PREEEEETTY GOOD among those in the Republican Establishment, Bush’s campaign lifeline. And yes, this is after we said, “he’s in this for the long haul” yesterday, but seriously; DID YOU SEE THE DEBATE?!


He gave his supporters nothing other than a reason to tell themselves, “hey that Marco Rubio guy seems pretty sharp!”


With that said he still has cash, so if nothing else it gives him more time, which can be a God send for a political campaign.


So while we refuse to say the Good Ship Bush is sinking, we should start getting a head count of all the women and children on board. You know, just in case.



Maybe We Judged the Trump Campaign Too Quickly?



On Second Thought…




…Maybe Not

Passage from Trumps Website on Immigration


Above is a passage that was on Trump’s own website!



(Photo Credits: CNBC, Google Images, donaldjtrump.com, YouTube)


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