About Last Night: The First Democratic Primary Debate

Democratic First Debate

This is probably the first time a room full of politicians didn’t want whatever they did to stay in Vegas…



A great man once said, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Well while you were living your life, we were obsessing over politics. NO YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!


Here’s what happened last night at the first Democratic Primary debate!



Coming to Terms with Uncle Bernie


In the last few months Bernie Sanders has been a force in the Democratic primary polls. With his populous stances against Wall Street and an underlining emphasis on income inequality, his message has resonated with many liberal Democrats that have wanted an alternative to Hillary Clinton. Which set up the stage for last night.


In last night’s Democratic Primary debate, even with a strong debate performance, there was one moment that stood out in regards to Sanders.



For those that don’t know, Sanders has a very… complicated record when it comes to legislation dealing with gun control. By no means a “gun nut”, Sanders is still a person that had not supported major gun control legislation like 1999’s Mandatory Gun Show Background Check Act or significant portions of 1993’s Brady Bill.


Now if you were to look closer at his record on gun legislation, you would find a more nuanced view on gun control than compared to other Democrats. While this would make him an interesting candidate in the general election, in the Democratic primaries however, it makes him the odd man out.


If liberal Democrats are going to continue to put their weight behind Sanders, his history on gun legislation is something they will have to come to terms with. Because you can pretty much guarantee, it will be coming up again.



Meanwhile, at the White House…






Presidential primary debates are always interesting because they take place in a vacuum. Based on the audience’s reactions from both the Republican and Democratic Primaries, you would think America is a nation full of pro-life, gun nuts that hate income inequality and talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails.


The candidates on stage know what works with what audiences. This goes double for Hillary Clinton. Say what you will about her, but she’s a master politician that can read a room. Clinton would have never tried that no response to a question about her emails on a presidential debate stage. Clinton knows who her audience was last night; Democrats who are tired of the media and Republicans asking about her emails. To Republican voters however, they can’t get enough of her emails!


As this Pew Research report shows, there are far more Republicans interested in Clinton’s private email server than Democrats. On top of that, the general electorate has become more distrustful of Clinton over the ensuing email controversy. While I think eventually Clinton’s private email server will lose steam if she were to win the Democratic ticket and enter the general elections, but to say EVRERYONE is tired of talking about her emails? That might be a stretch, for now anyway.



Mike Huckabee: Twitter All-Star

Mike Huckabee


Last night Mike Huckabee live tweeted the Democratic Primary debate. He brought out all his hits like…



Completely Misunderstating Important Points




Referencing Out-of-Date Internet Memes




God Shaming Those Who Point Out Institutional Racism




Using Only the NEWEST and HOTTEST of Pop Culture References  




Using Racist Stereotypes of Asians from the 90’s




Then Doubling Down on Those Racist Stereotypes of Asians from the 90’s




So you know, the classics!



Anderson Cooper Has Zero Fucks to Give About Your Dead Dad Chafee, NOW TELL US WHY YOU VOTED AGAINST GLASS-STEAGALL!!!


To be fair, Lincoln Chafee is definitely not the first – and won’t be the last – to vote for something he has no clue about in the Senate. Then again, in the Senate, you’re only major responsibility is to vote on legislation. In that case Chafee…


You Had One Job



Feeling the Bern


There’s an interesting split in yesterday’s results on who won last night’s primary debate. Political reporters and pundits claimed that Hillary Clinton had handily won the debate, however all the focus groups and online polls called it for Bernie Sanders.


And if that doesn’t pretty much encapsulate the 2015 Democratic Primary, I don’t know what does!


For people in the media – who basically live and breathe US political coverage – Clinton not winning this primary is almost unfathomable. The amount of money she has raised to the endorsements she has procured to her strong debate style make her a landslide victor in – let’s be honest – a weak Democratic field.


But in every online poll and every packed college stadium there is Sanders feeding off on all this momentum. With it, Sanders supporters just can’t understand why the main stream media keeps short-sighting his campaign.


Well, it’s simple really.


It’s been said as closer we get to the primaries, the more prudent voters become. The general electorate, for the most part, vote for the “safest” candidate that would win the White House. To many journalists, before there was Bernie Sanders, there was Howard Dean, and even before that there was George McGovern. Journalists have seen this before, that’s why they’re so skeptical.


But for many voters, they couldn’t give a shit!


Bernie Sanders is their champion. Whether he’s also the Democratic Party’s champion in 2015, remains to be seen, but for the time being, the media might anoint Hillary Clinton the Destroyer of Worlds, but to everyone else; Bernie Sanders is still the People’s Champion.



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