Your Jobs Report Mantra for August 2015

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We’re trying a new Zen approach to discussing the jobs report.



August 2015’s Jobs Report Mantra:


Sometimes “meh” is just “meh.”




The Path to Understanding The August 2015 Jobs Report


If there was a Jobs Report that signified the balance of the doldrums between the Heavens and the Earth, it was this August Jobs Report.


While the pace in jobs growth slowed down to a quiet river stream, adding only 173,000 jobs, the unemployment rate dropped briskly from 5.3% to 5.1%. Even though the actual jobs growth figure was just shy of many estimates, economists and policy makers were able to find inner-peace within the uneventful figures. Yet for many, the mind was still in turmoil.


With the Federal Reserve meeting to discuss if they should raise interest rates for the first time in a decade, many who meditate on the jobs report could not reach economic Nirvana. The August Jobs Report had continued to cloud their minds with the impressively low unemployment numbers in contrast with the lack of wage growth from month-to-month.


Yet only through time and meditation will we reach total enlightenment to know what the Fed is truly thinking in terms of deciding to raise interest rates. Till then, we shall be a rock in the river stream. The water bristling by us, yet calm to its current as we wait for next month’s Jobs Report.


Now let us meditate by concentrating of the sounds of the New York Stock Exchange’s opening bell.



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