Thoughts On… Hillary Clinton Opposing the Keystone Pipeline XL Expansion

Hillary Clinton Rally

For all you environmentalists out there, it’s time to do a Tiger Woods like fist-pump, you earned it!



While Hillary Clinton’s announcement to oppose the Keystone Pipeline XL expansion was pretty benign, the politics around the decision was anything but. Here are some of our thoughts on the recent Clinton announcement.



Guys, Of Course She Was Going to Oppose the Keystone Pipeline!!

Clinton Wink and Point


Ok first off, OF COURSE CLINTON WOULD OPPOSE THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE XL EXPANSION!!!! Everyone stop acting so surprised about the news!


I mean, have you seen the latest numbers regarding her support from women voters or the recent Bernie Sanders surge?! What better way to win brownie points among those groups than to oppose the Keystone Pipeline. On top of that, opposing the Keystone Pipeline will have zero consequence from that ever elusive group in 2016; the undecided voter. No one is going to decide between the Democratic and Republican nominee based on whether they supported the Keystone Pipeline. NOBODY!! For the Clinton campaign, this was a no brainer! It was the political equivalent of someone pointing at you in a crowd and giving you a wink that expressed, “don’t worry, I got ya!”



If You’re an Environmentalist, Clinton’s Opposition on the Keystone Pipeline Was a Major Win


For a while the video above was how many environmentalists figured politicians – especially those who were “Washington Insiders” – made policy decisions regarding the environment. With the Obama administration dragging its feet on their views of the Keystone Pipeline and Republicans espousing Keystone’s economic bump with the expansion, many environmentalists were no doubt feeling a little… abandoned by DC politics. Clinton’s opposition of the Keystone Pipeline showed however that the pipeline’s expansion – and in a larger sense environmental issues – still have a place in the nity-grity policy scene of DC.


Unlike someone like Bernie Sanders – who has been a strong opponent of the Keystone Pipeline expansion early on – Clinton is a shrewd “backroom/insider politics” type of politician. While Sanders is an energizing force that attracts large crowds on college campuses, Clinton only makes decisions based entirely on political calculus. For her to oppose the Keystone Pipeline gives credence to environmental issues in that they belong within the conversation of DC politics.


If you’re an environmentalist that wanted a legitimate push on environmental policies in DC, Clinton’s opposition of the Keystone Pipeline couldn’t have been better news.



Ya’ll, Clinton Thinks She’s Got This in the Bag!

Ive Already Won


Clinton’s political maneuver to oppose the Keystone Pipeline was less about politicking in the primaries and more about politicking in the general election. In other words, she thinks she already has the primaries in the bag. While not necessarily blaming her, because with such a sizable national lead anyone would think that.


There have been many interpretations on her opposing the Keystone Pipeline as making a play for those Democrats that are currently thinking of supporting Sanders, but that would make little to no sense. Considering Clinton’s sizable lead and that the people who support Sanders are supporting him because they want an alternative to Clinton, it makes more sense to look at this as a play in the general election.


The greatest fear among Democrats is that if Clinton wins the party’s nomination, but the liberal wing of the Democratic Party stays home during the general election. It’s interesting to see her extending an olive branch of sorts to the liberals in the Democratic Party. But if they want this type of good will to succeed, more policies pointing towards liberal ideas will have to be established by the Clinton campaign.



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