This Is the End: Rick Perry Steps Down from the GOP Primary

Rick Perry Campaign

Rick Perry had an interesting presidential run this time around. Too bad no one noticed…



In many ways, the word that describes Rick Perry’s 2016 presidential run was redemption.


Redemption from what you ask? Redemption from this.



Whether it was the decision to wear black rimmed glasses or give interesting speeches on race, it’s hard to say that Rick Perry didn’t run an interesting campaign. In a GOP election cycle where candidates are doxing each other and promising to go to jail for votes, Perry’s campaign was less sideshow and more subdued. Which was actually quite refreshing.


Unfortunately it was also less watched.


Combine that with reports about the Perry campaign having money troubles, it was obvious Perry’s 2016 presidential aspirations weren’t long for this world. On Friday, everyone’s assumptions became reality when he announced he would suspend his campaign indefinitely.


Truthfully, people were surprised that it didn’t happen sooner. Once the money dries up in a political campaign – plus if you’re below one percent in every poll – it’s only a matter of time before the campaign needs to be mercifully put to an end. Yet like any individual leaving unceremoniously from their “job”, Perry had some parting words.



Actually that was the quitting scene the 90’s classic Half-Baked, but Perry’s final speech on Friday basically went down in a similar fashion. He took vague shots at Donald Trump’s “cult of personality” (kind of petty) and talked about how Republicans can’t have a “nativist” mentality when it comes to immigration reform if they expect to do well in 2016 (an extremely solid point). It’s odd – and honestly kind of depressing – when a candidate becomes more interesting when they are losing a battle, rather than when they’re winning one.


The 2016 Rick Perry was a hell of a lot more interesting than his 2012 version, but definitely wasn’t as successful. In 2016, with the GOP field getting more crowded by the month, Perry was looked at by conservative voters to of had his chance in 2012. In other words, Perry’s campaign was doomed before it even started.


Scott Fitzgerald once said, “there are no second acts in American lives.” I know he wasn’t talking about American politics when he said it, but the statement sure stands true in 2016. If Rick Perry was looking for redemption in this presidential run, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be found.


Or so it goes.



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