The Rundown: The Iran Nuclear Deal Brouhaha

Iran nuclear deal rally

Remember when Congress was in their August recess? That was nice…



While you were livin’ the high-life and making plans, something continued to move around you. What, life? No, American politics! This is ‘The Rundown.’ What is ‘The Rundown’ you ask? Other than a terrific action-comedy starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Stifler from ‘American Pie’, it’s our unique breakdown of major news stories that are currently hitting the political scene. In this edition we talk about an unexpectedly crazy day inside and outside the Capitol over the Iran nuclear deal.  



Two Peas from the Same Pod (Just Waiting for the Other to Fall)

Trump and Cruz rally


It’s not surprising that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would come together and share the spotlight during an anti-Iran nuclear deal rally. In the Venn Diagram of American politics, they share so many aspects that the region in-between is shaded with bombastic – yet empty – rhetoric, hats that look to be made at your local Kinko’s, and a fan base that are white social conservatives that might be a teeny-bit racist.


They’re prefect for each other!


Trump Cruz Kiss Cam Better


Yet their relationship is more based on “political calculus” than preferring each other’s company.


For Ted Cruz, the audiences that Trump has been able to attract – that is currently giving him the lead in the GOP primaries – are the same base of people Cruz needs to get if he has even the slightest chance of winning the Republican primary. Cruz’s idea? When people eventually move-on from “Trump-mania”, Cruz will be waiting in the wings to collect those voters when they are searching for a new candidate. You see, Cruz is like that guy who is constantly hanging around your girlfriend who hopes that you two will breakup over the smallest disagreement.


“Oh he doesn’t care for the TV show Girls? You have to breakup with him then! Yes I know you don’t care for the show much either, but can’t you see that just means he’ll never understand you!”

“Oh he doesn’t care for the TV show Girls? You have to breakup with him then! Yes I know you don’t care for the show much either, but can’t you see that just means he’ll never understand you!”



As for Trump, he just wants to be in the spotlight. You get a few cameras and some pundits, Trump will be there. He’s like Beetlejuice, only more haunting and terrible.


But what Trump and Cruz are more than anything else, is opportunists. Yesterday’s rally outside the Capitol more than proved that.



So R.E.M, How Do You Guys Feel about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Using Your Song It’s the End of the World in Yesterday’s Iran Rally?



Alright, point taken.



The Facts

The Facts of Life


Yesterday the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran would not enter talks outside the nuclear deal with the US. He went on by expounding on the fact that the US remained the “Great Satan.”


Across the world, opponents of the Iran nuclear deal protested in Washington. People like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, among others talked about how the US made a deal that gives Iran “the nuclear bomb” (which FYI, isn’t true).


We’ve talked about the US/Iran nuclear deal. We think it’s pretty strong.


We’ve also talked about the chances of the Iran nuclear deal in Congress. We think that’s inevitable!


It's Happening


Originally, many Democrats were worried that the Republicans could potentially override President Obama’s veto if opposition had reached critical mass, but the GOP doesn’t even have enough votes to even bring up a disapproval resolution! So instead, some Republicans are using the Iran deal as a straw man, for other policies. Which in all honesty, is an incredibly smart campaign strategy.


But also remember, it’s important to stay informed when having an opinion. As this Pew Research report shows more people are opposing the Iran nuclear deal while as the same time hearing less about it! Now this isn’t to say that people are wrong when they oppose the Iran nuclear deal. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. But there is a knowledgeable argument against the Iran nuclear deal. Sadly at yesterday’s rally, no one made that argument.


So while you see the protests outside the Capitol or hardliners in Iran, just remember to get the facts right. After all, without them is how we get the asshole from The Apprentice running for President…


Donald Trump



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