The Rundown: John Boehner Steps Down as Speaker of the House

Boehner Resigns

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.” – John Boehner



While you were livin’ the high-life and making plans, something continued to move around you. What, life? No, American politics! This is ‘The Rundown.’ What is ‘The Rundown’ you ask? Other than a terrific action-comedy starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Stifler from ‘American Pie’, it’s our unique breakdown of major news stories that are currently hitting the political scene. In this edition we talk about the early exit of Scott Walker from the GOP primaries.   



It’s Always About the Jackasses

Jackass Cartoon


“You grow up around a bar — I mop floors, did dishes, waited tables, tended bar. You have to learn to deal with every jackass that walks in the door. Trust me, I need all the skills I learned growing up to do my job.”

-John Boehner in an interview w/ Jay Leno back in 2014


John Boehner always looked exhausted.


And not in the way you look after “a long day’s work” exhausted. Boehner looked EXHAUSTED, the way a young mother does coming out of a supermarket after she just survived a temper tantrum from a three-year-old in the cereal aisle.


It can’t be easy being Speaker of the House for the Republican caucus. You have people in your own party constantly telling you don’t have what it takes to lead and Democrats telling you they refuse to negotiate to a rogue faction of the opposing party. In other words, for Boehner it was constantly a no win scenario. In that same interview where we got the above quote, he also told Leno,


“I didn’t think shutting down the government over Obamacare would work because the president said, ‘I’m not going to negotiate.’ So I told [Republicans] in August, probably not a good idea. I told them in early September. But when you have my job, there’s something you have to learn: When I looked up, I saw my colleagues going this way — and you learn that a leader without followers is simply a man taking a walk. So I said, you want to fight this fight, I’ll go fight the fight with you. But it was a very predictable disaster.”  


Life would be a lot easier without the jackasses of the world.



So, What Say You, Far-Right Conservatives? What’re Your Thoughts on Boehner’s Retirement?


Note Marco Rubio’s reaction to the applause.


Rubio's Reaction





So… Conservatives Think John Boehner Wasn’t Effective at Cutting Government Spending?

Are You Not Entertained


  • During his tenure as Speaker of the House he enacted $3.2 trillion in form of spending cuts through a litany of legislation that included the Budget Control Act, the Bush Tax Cut Deal of 2012, and spending cuts negotiated in 2011.

  • It’s estimated that the current deficit is $5 trillion lower because Boehner became Speaker of the House.

  • Newt Gingrich is known by many Republicans as one of the most fiscally conservative Speakers in recent history. Many conservatives look at his handling of Bill Clinton as the text book example of handling a strong Democratic President. Then again, there’s an argument that Boehner’s tenure had cut billions more than Gingrich’s. And keep in mind, Boehner didn’t have Medicare cuts to fall back on because of the new Affordable Care Act provisions (aka Obamacare).


It’s important to remember, that while some conservatives may be rejoicing over Boehner’s resignation, to say he wasn’t effective at cutting government spending isn’t just absurd, it’s flat out wrong!



John Boehner’s Thoughts on His Retirement



John Boehner’s ACTUAL Thoughts on His Retirement



Whether You Admit It or Not, You’ll Miss Him When He’s Gone


I think for both Far-Right Conservatives and Democrats, Boehner was always the perfect fall guy.


For many Republicans – especially those in the Tea Party – they needed someone that represented the “Establishment” when governing – and running – as an “outsider candidate.” They needed someone that could be pointed at and said, “this is DC politics at its worst and if you elect me, I’ll make sure your voice is heard from Main Street and not K Street!” They needed someone that would argue with them from behind closed doors and say they were united, even if they knew it was a terrible idea.


For Democrats, they needed a guy that you could have serious budget talks with, knowing exactly what areas that he was going to give in and what points were non-negotiable. Then when budget talks failed, you needed a guy that would be the face of why [INSERT FAVORITE SOCIAL PROGRAM HERE] was cut from the budget. Sure he was a tough negotiator, but at least he was reasonable.


Now, that guy just peaced out!


Come next year’s budget talks, I guarantee you, everyone will be missing that guy. They just don’t know it yet.



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