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In the Loop

A film for those whose idea of politics is an Armando Iannucci script full of F-bombs and government incompetence. Or, people who I like to refer to as friends!



The Queue is our string of movie and TV recommendations that are currently on Netflix streaming. Oh yeah, and all recommendations are loosely based on politics. But don’t let that discourage you. In this installment we talk about the genius of Armando Iannucci’s ‘In the Loop.’



Today many associate Armando Iannucci as the genius behind HBO’s Veep. But in reality though, Iannucci had been redefining the political satire way back when a Bush was in the White House! Across the pond in the UK, Iannucci was gaining a cult following for his political satire with shows like The Thick of It. Through these UK comedies on parliamentary government, you can see the origins of Veep within. The same goes with Iannucci’s 2009 film, In the Loop.


In the Loop – basically a movie spin-off of The Thick of It – is a political satire of the US and UK’s military involvement in Iraq. While many American viewers might get lost in the idiosyncrasies of the parliamentary system – majority of the movie is from the view of those in the UK parliament – it still has a manic pace and stinging one-liners that can only be expected from an Iannucci script. The movie is filled with an energy that would put a 5-year-old who snorts pixie sticks to shame.



You didn’t get that last point? No worries, it’ll all be explained later through an F-bomb filled tirade soon enough!


Also the pettiness. GOOD GOD, LEMON, THE PETTINESS!


Every character In the Loop is out for themselves. And it’s beautiful, because everyone is so incompetent. Think of a movie full of anti-Frank Underwoods with thick British accents. Now tell me you wouldn’t watch that movie! It’s as if everyone is trying to put out a tire fire. With gasoline.


Oh, you like political stories that show politicians maneuvering shrewdly so eventually they reach the apex of government? Well congratulations! I hear the next season of House of Cards has Underwood become President of the World, because you’ve got to have him strive for something, right?


As for us, we’d rather watch a multi-national political train wreck, which makes you rethink what the phrase “cluster fuck” REALLY means. In that case, Iannucci and In the Loop has you covered.



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