The Catch All: Your Pro-Life Legislation, Congressional Budget, and Government Shutdown All-In-One-Post (Update: 09/20/15)

Think of this post as “political news potpourri” for the above topics. We’ll be updating it periodically so check back!



In terms of activity, Congress has been quite busy as of late. With the budget deadline at the end of this month fast approaching, many Republicans in Congress have decided to tie Pro-Life legislation to the passing of federal budget after controversial tapes of Planned Parenthood surfaced online. Some Republicans have even threatened a government shutdown if Planned Parenthood is funded in the following year!


So yeah things are getting pretty intense.


Since news is moving so fast on these topics, we decided to make this post to catch any and all news on Pro-Life legislation Congress, news on a Congressional Budget, or (God forbid) news on a government shutdown. We’ll update date this post with new information as it comes in as well as promote it so it doesn’t get buried with our other daily content.    



Update #9 (09/30/15): The Senate just voted to pass the “clean bill” that was introduced last week and now it moves to the House where it’s expected to pass as well later today. While this budget would only fund the government through mid-December – where we do this SAME song and dance all over again (!!!) – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to create a deal that locks up spending targets for two years. It’s nice to want things Mitch, it’s nice to want things…



Update #8 (09/29/15): It looks like cooler heads are prevailing when it comes to the budget standoff. A bill that funds the government through mid-December (aka “the clean bill”) is making its way through the Senate and expected to pass the House, averting a government shutdown. Many have said the reason the standoff isn’t going to tomorrow’s budget deadline is due to John Boehner’s resignation in mid-October. So the answer to your question is yes, John Boehner just died for our budgetary sins. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t have another budget standoff in mid-December…



Update #7 (09/28/15): With just three days from a government shutdown, Speaker of the House John Boehner vowed that a government shutdown wouldn’t happen later this week. He insists the “clean bill” in the Senate will pass the House, also to appease conservatives over the Planned Parenthood videos, there is a plan in place to create a selected congressional panel to investigate the videos. As you may have suspected, Democrats aren’t too thrilled with the panel investigation, but if it means avoiding government shutdown and letting Planned Parenthood keep their funding, then that might be a deal worth taking.



Update #6 (09/25/15): After the Pope’s speech to a special Joint Session of Congress, congressional Republicans from both the House and Senate were working on separate plans in hopes of averting a government shutdown. As we talked about in Update #2, The Senate introduced a bill that defunded Planned Parenthood and increased military spending yesterday that was shot down, then right afterwards, introduced a “clean bill” stripped of those provisions because politics! As for the House, Speaker John Boehner is enacting on a plan that will appease both conservatives and avoid the government from going into shutdown mode. The idea revolves around passing a stop-gap spending bill, while promising conservatives they can challenge President Obama over Planned Parenthood funding through separate legislation.


While both ideas sound reasonable, it’s hard to tell if either will appease the far-right of the Republican Party. I would say only time would tell, but at this point, there isn’t much of that either.



Update #5 (09/24/15): Yesterday 11 Republican Freshmen in the House of Representatives sent a letter to their colleagues in the House asking to rethink their stances on a government closure. The 11 Republican Representatives, not aligned with the GOP’s Tea Party faction, urged House members to back away from the fiscal standoff that stands before them. The 11 signatures include: Reps. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania, Mimi Walters of California, Tom MacArther of New Jersey, Carlos Curbelo of Florida, Amata Radewagen of American Samoa, Martha McSally of Arizona, Cresent Hardy of Nevada, Bruce Poliquin of Maine, Elise Stefanik of New York, Daniel Donovan of New York, and John Katko of New York.


Yet these Freshmen Representatives aren’t alone. House Speaker John Boehner, along with other Republicans in the party, wants to avoid a government shutdown. As said earlier in Update #2, Senate Republicans plan to introduce a “clean bill” today after the first bill which increases military spending and shuts down federal funding for Planned Parenthood. While the “clean bill” could pass the Senate, passing in the House is a whole other matter entirely.



Update #4 (09/23/15): Most of the budget talks and the push for Pro-Life bills by Congressional Republicans should slow down for the next two days because of the Pope’s visit to Washington. Regardless, it was reported that various Washington agencies had met yesterday over preparations for a partial shutdown if a budget could not be reached by next Wednesday (Sept. 31st). While this is just a precautionary procedure for the most part, many experts are quick to note that the longer this budget battle drags, the more likely a shutdown is going to occur. Regardless, it’s an election year next year and a shutdown would have major ramification for many incumbents in Congress. We shouldn’t be pressing the panic button quite yet.


The Simpsons Jumping Back



Update #3 (09/22/15): Interesting enough, many online are using the Twitter hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion and Reddit to talk about Planned Parenthood and women’s health issues as a forum to share their stories. Even though these online posts are personal and sometimes heart breaking stories about women’s health, you have to give it to The Blaze for seeing an opportunity to use this hashtag so they could get eyes on their story!


The Blaze Story


Never change Right-Wing media, never change.



Update #2 (09/22/15): Senate Republicans just introduced a spending bill that would fund the government through December 11th. The bill would defund Planned Parenthood and add an extra $13 billion to defense spending. Both the GOP and Democrats know that it won’t pass, but supposedly Republicans will introduce a “clean bill”, right after introducing the other one, that keeps current spending levels through December 11th. Now if you’re wondering why Senate Republicans aren’t just introducing the “clean bill” first since they know the first bill doesn’t have a chance of passing, then congratulations are in order! Your mind hasn’t been warped by DC logic, you should strive to keep it that way. #AlsoTakeMeWithYou #YouAreMyOnlyHope



Update #1 (09/22/15): The bill that would have made it illegal to have an abortion after 20 weeks was blocked by the Senate Democrats today. The result wasn’t a surprise to anyone as Democrats said they would filibuster the bill and Republicans couldn’t gather the 60 votes needed to stop it. The bill was called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and was supposedly based on research citing a fetus could feel pain after 20 weeks, even though many researchers contest that the connection is spurious. The bill has been passed in 11 states, but died on the Senate floor in a 54 to 42 vote. With this bill some congressional Republicans were hoping to separate the anger towards Planned Parenthood away from Congressional budget talks in hopes of avoiding a government shutdown.



The Basics:

  • Here’s our original rundown on the Planned Parenthood tapes and when Congress almost defunded Planned Parenthood earlier this year.

  • Our news story of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimating up to 630,000 women would lose care if Planned Parenthood were to be defunded.

  • On Friday House Republicans pushed two abortion bills. One that would defund Planned Parenthood for 1-year and the second specifically trying to deal criminal penalties on medical personnel who fail to attend to an infant if born through a botched abortion procedure.



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