Talking Points: Bernie Sanders’ Speech at Liberty University

Bernie Sanders Liberty University

We answer the age of question, “what happens when a liberal dove goes into the conservative lion’s den?”



In this 2016 presidential election, Bernie Sanders is the candidate that all liberals are falling in love with. While history shows us that love-affairs and big crowds doesn’t necessarily lead to votes – look up Howard Dean and George McGovern – Sanders continues to defy expectations and keeps the Hillary Clinton supporters on the defensive. For an outsider like Sanders to beat – or at least take-away attention from Clinton – he’s going to have to make speeches in non-traditional venues. Like the one he did yesterday at Liberty University.


For those that don’t know, Liberty University is a religious university that is a must stop for many conservative candidates. For liberals like Bernie Sanders though, not so much. But as Sanders keeps saying, he wants to do things a little different and that means giving speeches where the crowd, for the most part, doesn’t share his views.


Here are some of the more interesting talking points from yesterday’s speech.



  • It’s interesting, and secretly brilliant, how Sanders positioned himself in front of the Liberty University crowd before he began his half-hour speech. To the conservative crowd, he laid out that they were never going to see eye-to-eye on the issues of abortion and same sex marriage. Getting that out of the way, he could actually focus on a topic that his campaign has been hammering home since he began these primaries; income inequality.


  • It’s an interesting gambit for Sanders to use income inequality to create a common connection between him and the Liberty University audience in this speech. Theoretically, the individuals that attended this talk are young, religious, and socially conservative. The problem – especially in the media – is that we tend to lump all conservatives together. But in actuality, not all conservatives are the same. There is a distinction between social conservatives (those that tend to be pro-life and shun gay marriage) and fiscal conservatives (those that tend to care more about fiscal deficits and Reaganomics). Granted their general views do overlap, but there’s a distinction there never the less. Sanders was trying to appeal to young social conservatives that maybe don’t hold Reaganomics as gospel. Then again…


  • The biggest applause Sanders got in both his speech and the Q and A section was regarding to why we shouldn’t be racist to other individuals… Otherwise, most of his policy talk was met with temped applause at best. Though it’s important to remember, Sanders’ purpose was never to change hearts and minds when it comes to giving a speech at Liberty University, it was to introduce policies to a crowd that might not be exposed to them in any other venue. It’s basically a speech to understanding where your opposition is coming from on certain issues. In that case, this was as good as Sanders could have hoped for.


  • Whether you like or hate Sanders, you have to respect how he answered that abortion question in the Q and A section. He did it without shaking from his actual views, while respecting those who don’t share his views, and gave it to them without a hint of pandering. I like to think the audience at Liberty University respected Sanders’ answer, even though they didn’t agree with him.


  • Anyone else find it interesting that they do a Christian prayer, with the speaker, after every speaking engagement? Yes, they’re a private religious university, but still that was surprising. Also what if the speaker is not Christian? Or even crazier, what if they’re atheist? I have so many questions about this now!


  • DAT CHRISTIAN ROCK BAND! They literally sounded like they fell out of that Time Life Songs 4 Ever commercial!


Don’t trust our talking points on the Bernie Sanders Liberty University speech? Think we’re pawns of the liberal media or Roger Ailes’ cabana boy for the conservative Illuminati?! Well my paranoid friend, you can see the speech for yourself below.


(Note: Bernie Sanders’ speech begins at 48:00 and the Q and A begins at 1:16:00.)




(Photo and Video Credit: Washington Post’s YouTube Channel)


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