On Tap for September 14, 2015

CNN GOP Debate

Why the GOP primaries are the “realist” of reality shows and what we have going on the rest of the week.



Every Sunday I like to make a list of things that The Post Turtle should talk about for the following week. Here are the first three things I wrote down for this week:


  • The CNN GOP Primary debate is this week, we should do some continuing coverage on that.

  • Rick Perry bowing out of the GOP primaries happened on Saturday. We should do a news story on it Monday morning.

  • A 10-Point Expert on Jeb Bush’s Proposed Tax Plan


It was around then I realized we talk about the GOP primaries an awful lot! After looking through the past TPT posts, the realization came that for every three posts on a GOP candidate, there was one post regarding the Democratic primary! Yeah… the discrepancy is pretty bad.


There are lots of reasons for this. For one, the GOP primary is still undecided on who’s going to win the nomination, unlike the Democratic primary which is hard to see Hillary Clinton not winning the nomination. Uncertainty is just more interesting to talk about.


But also, LOOK AT THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY! It basically might as well be a reality TV show. You got:



“The Pompous Asshole”



“The Guy That Will Say and Do Anything for Some Attention”


“The Guy that Signed Up for the Show to Prove to His Ex-Girlfriend that He is in Fact ‘Adventurous’, But Now May Be Regretting That Decision”



“The Guy that Secretly Wants to Be ‘The Pompus Asshole’…”



“…Yet Can’t Quite Out ‘Asshole’ the Asshole”



“The Token Black Guy So Producers Don’t Look Racist”


“The Sassy One”


“The Guy Who’s Angry All the Time”


“The Guy That Seems Normal in the First Three Episodes, But Then You Realize is Completely Insane”

Notice that he never said he would condone an abortion procedure to save the life of the mother…



We could go on – because we were going to pair videos with all the GOP candidates – but there is work to be done around here! Here’s what we have on tap for this week.



  • Yes, we know Rick Perry bowed out of the primaries on Saturday. We’ll have a report on it soon. Pinkie swear!


  • On Friday we had a hell of a time trying to get this 10-Point Expert on Jeb Bush’s proposed tax plan up, but for some reason the Internet Gods denied that from happening. We’re just going to reformat the post and try again. Regardless, in some form or another we’ll have it up later today.


  • Personally, I still think this Hillary Clinton email thing is kind of dumb, since most of it is just speculation, but we have been getting A LOT of emails asking us to explain what is actually going on. Even though I think our past take on it basically sums it up, we’ll make sure to do something on it this week.


  • The second GOP debate happens on Wednesday this week. We’ll take a look at some of the story lines developing around it.


  • Should have the review for the Lillian Faderman book The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle sometime this week.


  • Been messing around with Big Pharma, should have something up this weekend. Yes, we’re thinking of fucking around with weekend posts now! #SoARealWebsite


  • Of course whatever else happens this week, we’ll be on top of it, so check back!



(Photo Credit: CNN)


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