How Dumb is it to Build a Wall on the Canadian Border?

The Post Turtle’s look at Scott Walker’s dumb plan to build a wall on the Canadian border.



During a presidential primary, it’s not unusual for politicians to say some pretty crazy shit to rile up their base. Sometimes these are just vague accusations and empty promises that are in hopes of creating a sound bite for the nightly news (see literally any Donald Trump stump speech). Then there are those ideas in which a candidate will double down on, in which they will continue to drive the point home in hopes of people latching on and being referred to as “forward thinking.”


A few days ago, Scott Walker hoped to introduce such an idea. To build a wall on the Canadian border to keep immigrants out! And in turn everyone just started to look at him, waiting for the words, “ah, I’m just playin’” to be uttered.


They never were.


In the coming days Walker doubled down on the idea saying, “it’s not just another southern border” when talking about building a giant wall on the over 5,000 mile (!!!) Canadian border. But the question stands, how dumb is the idea, really? Or hell, maybe it’s secretly genious?


Here at The Post Turtle we like to think we have an open mind when it comes to new policy ideas. So let’s take a look. And don’t worry, we’ll keep score.



  • If we were to build a wall on the Canadian border, my guess is Walker is only referring to building a wall that would separate Canada and the US mainland. The entirety of the US-Canada border – which includes Alaska – runs around 5,500 miles. In contrast, the US mainland-Canada border only runs about… 3,987 miles… Ok, THAT’S STILL A LOT OF BORDER! To give you an idea, the Mexican-US border is around 1,933 miles. Building a fence on the US mainland-Canada border would be about TWICE THE LENGTH of the US-Mexico border fence!


(Fence 0, No Fence 1)


  • Before we go on further, it’s important to note that those worried about the US-Canada border generally don’t talk about it in terms of immigration, but in terms of national security (aka terrorist attacks). A fence won’t help with that. If anything, the border fence could become a terrorist target, similar to Israel’s West Bank Barrier. So yeah, there’s that to think about…


(Fence 0, No Fence 2)



  • In terms of commerce, both US and Canada prosper quite well by having one of the largest bilateral trade and investment relationships in the world due to the relatively lax US-Canada border. US and Canada are each-other’s largest export market with around 17% of US exports going to Canada, which in turn creates millions of jobs on the border. So if you were going to build a wall across the Canada and US border – economically speaking – you might as well build this statue facing Canada while you’re at it.


middle finger statue


Because building a fence would essentially tell the US-Canada trade partnership to go fuck itself!


(Fence 0, No Fence 3)



  • Ok let’s finally get to Walker’s main reason to build a fence; illegal immigration. According to the Urban Institute back in 2009, around 65,000 to 75,000 illegal immigrants currently live in the US that came from Canada. To give you an idea about other countries – we’ll leave Mexico and other Latin American countries out of this comparison, because Canada doesn’t even come close to those numbers – China had 120,000. And that’s the lowest estimate that the Department of Human Services (DHS) report had published in 2009. The number of illegal immigrants entering the US from Canada was so low that DHS didn’t even bother to mention the fact!


(Fence 0, No Fence 4)


Alright, we’re enacting the mercy rule for this because there’s no point in beating a dead horse…



The Verdict

So after careful consideration, we’re decided that building a wall on the US-Canada border would be:




Yeah, that sounds about right.


Sounds About Right



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