Democrats Clinch Iran Deal with 41 Yes Votes

Homer Riding Bomb

In this case, President Obama didn’t even need the veto!



So last week we were all pontificating who would be the 34th yes vote which would pass the Iran nuclear deal through the Senate? Those were some heady times, amiright?


Now Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s 34th clinching yes vote looks so “pedestrian” when you have 41 yes votes!





As Congress returned back from their August recess, the Iran nuclear deal was still holding over the heads of many Democrats. Even with the required 34 votes needed to pass the Senate, it was still unsure if it would be enough. All it would have taken is a couple of those votes to change for a GOP veto to take place in the Senate.


Yet with three new Democratic senators – Richard Blumenthal, Gary Peters, and Ron Wyden – backing the deal this morning, the number of pro-deal senators has reached 41. That means the Democrats have more than enough to keep disapproval resolution from leaving the Senate. Or in laymen’s terms, the dissenters of the Iran nuclear deal won’t have enough to pass a measure disapproving of the Iran nuclear deal, thus starting the veto process. This basically is over, before it got started.


It’s basically inevitable that the Iran nuclear deal gets passed in the Senate.



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