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The rise of Fiorina, everyone loves to defund Planned Parenthood apparently, checking out the new filters on Snapchat, and other musings from last night’s second GOP debate.



A great man once said, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Well while you were living your life, we were obsessively obsessed with politics. NO YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!


Here’s what happened last night at the second GOP primary debate!



Thoughts During Last Night’s GOP Debate

Jet GOP Debate


  • This “pre-debate” debate was not a complete waste of time. During it I finally broke 15,000 points in Pac-Man 256!

  • Wow, everyone on the Republican stage, during the “pre-debate” debate, really fumbled on the Ahmed Mohamed question. Well I guess we won’t be seeing that question in the “actual” debate…

  • Jake Tapper (Debate Moderator): “Ok let’s get down to business, because people sure as Hell don’t tune into CNN for news! I’ve been told on social media, that they are here to see blood!!”

  • Man, Carly Fiorina is INTENSE! Why is she staring directly at me through the TV? Oh God, can she see me eating this can of microwaved beans in my underwear? She’s judging me, isn’t she!?!

  • There’s something thoroughly depressing about Jeb Bush’s plan of defunding Planned Parenthood by using Title X (a federal grant program that specifically provides people with family planning and preventive health services). It’s equivalent to beating a man to death with your Nobel Peace Prize!


  • Trump said “wall”, drink!

  • These guys know that drug tunnels exist right? Drug cartels would just go under the wall that everyone wants to build. Someone should really show them The Fast and the Furious drug tunnel scenes. Is there anything that franchise can’t explain!

  • Fiorina: “Why haven’t Democrats fixed immigration?” Answer: Republicans.

  • Christie to Trump and Fiorina when they started arguing who was better at business, “Guys, guys, why all the arguing, you’re both terrible.”

  • Lot of plane metaphors on this stage tonight…

  • Man, based on what everyone is saying here, this Hillary Clinton person must be TERRIBLE!

  • Alright, I know they’re all Republicans in that room but let’s ease up on the “George W. Bush politically died for our sins” thing going on right now.

  • I can see why CNN didn’t include names with the viewer questions. It would have been very awkward for Jake Tapper to say “xxJustBlaz420xx asks in regards to marijuana legislation…”

  • No guys, we aren’t putting your female family members on the ten dollar bill!

  • Trump’s a “vaccine truther?” Hold up, OF COURSE Trump would be a “vaccine truther!”

  • Ok they’re asking the “Secret Service code name question”, time to see what happened in South Park.



Ugh… He’s Right Guys, Donald Trump is Right!




Carly Fiorina: The GOP’s New “It” Candidate CNN Debate Fiorina  

After every debate, we like to crown winners. In the second GOP debate last night, many considered Carly Fiorina to be the victor. She fought back when Trump questioned her on past business decisions and had the intensity of ten Daniel Day Lewis scenes. As a debate performance it was impressive, but here’s the deal, now she has everyone’s radar. Fiorina’s an interesting politician, because the very things that attract people to her – the intense and confident delivery – could be the very thing that kills her in the end.    


She plays with facts way too fast and loose. She tends to target journalists that go against her. And – can’t believe I’m saying this A SECOND TIME – but Donald Trump is right, she has an absolutely awful business record as CEO of HP.    


But she is the talk of the conservative world this morning. We’ll see how long that lasts.        



So… I Hear They Added New Filters to Snapchat?  




The new filters look nice.



Parents Just Don’t Understand


I don’t know how many people know – or care to know this – but after every debate there’s a designated area near the debate stage where reporters talk to each other and other campaign staff over who “won.” This designated area is called by many “The Spin Room.” It’s where pundits decide who’s important and who’s not at the moment based on kneejerk reactions from a debate. Last night, many conservative pundits tended to agree, Ben Carson lost the debate. Many had prophesized right there the fall of Carson and the turnover out “outsider candidates.”


The thing is it looks to have played out differently.


Here’s a graph put out by Vox’s Dan Diamond on who won the debate based on Twitter activity.


Carson Twitter Chart


Much like in the first debate, Carson’s laid back style helped him stay out of questions he didn’t want to take and tackle topics he felt comfortable with. For the Republican establishment, they’re having a hard time understanding what Carson’s appeal actually is. The same goes for why people cheer when Trump makes divisive statements about people in his own party and how Fiorina is getting conservative white female voters to evangelize her name.


Establishment Republicans just can’t understand what’s going on in this picture.


While it won’t be a problem in terms of an “outsider candidate” getting the nomination – history has showed us time and again, the political establishment always wins – it will be a problem if they can’t understand their appeal. To win the White House next November, they’re going to need the bases that Trump, Carson, and Fiorina attract.


The problem however, sometimes parents just don’t understand.



(Photo Credits: CNN, sarah stølte’s Vine, John C Dean’s Vine, Donald Trump’s Twitter Account, Vox)


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