While We Were Out: We Seriously Have to Fix Our Formatting Issues (And Inherit Laziness)

While You Were Out

A quick primer on what happened while we were out.



As you may have noticed, we had some trouble posting some of our content on Thursday and Friday. Then when we fixed the problem on Saturday… well it was the weekend, we didn’t feel like posting anything. But we’re back now! Here are the news stories we would have written in the last four days, if we weren’t so lazy…







You’re Drunk Early Polling, Go Home

Last week Trump lead in Iowa with Ben Carson a close second. Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. Because of these polls, many media pundits are LOSING. THEIR. FUCKING. MINDS! Or as the Ghostbusters would put it…



Then again, New Hampshire might as well be Vermont – Sanders’ home state – an area of the country that he should be polling well. Also regarding to the GOP polls, the field is huge, which means polls are basically useless this early in the primary process. Finally since the GOP debate, not a single national poll has been taken, which means all these local polls are going to be volatile, because that’s just what local polls do. So in other words, this is not the end of the world, it’s just early-primary election season in the US.





America Reopens Its Embassy in Cuba

We’ll give you guys an option. You could watch the American flag fly over the US embassy in Cuba for the first time in 54 years. Or you can watch Conan O’Brien’s hilarious visit to the Havana Club Rum Museum. I think we all know in our hearts which one of these is the right choice. (HINT: It’s the one with Conan.)



Here’s Hillary Clinton Addressing the Email Controversy in Iowa


Oh, our apologizes. That’s the classic 2000 summer jam, It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy and Rik Rok. To be fair though, it might as well be Clinton addressing the crowd over her email controversy.



Remembering Julian Bond

Julian Bond


Julian Bond, former NAACP chairman and one of the most prominent leaders from the civil rights era, passed at the age of 75 last Saturday. Bond wasn’t your average civil rights leader from the era. Just two years ago he was arrested outside the White House due to protests over Keystone XL pipeline. Also he was one of the first prominent civil rights leaders to back the gay marriage fight in 2008! On Saturday the world lost a great civil rights activist that fought for the rights of all individuals till the very end of his life. He will be sorely missed.



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