While We Were Out for 08/31/15

Spare a dime for the DNC, the Gospel according to Trump, and the dumb things you can expect from us this week!



We decided to make “While You Were Out” a regular thing around here in which we talk about the stories that caught our attention during late-Friday and over the weekend. Also we hope to use it as a vehicle to bring you some of the content we have planned during the week. So let’s get started!



For The Democrats, “No Money, Mo Problems”

Free Money Book


It’s not surprising that the Republicans are outraising the Democrats this election cycle, but the difference between the two amounts is concerning to some. In the first six months, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) only raised around $36.5 million compared to the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) $63 million. Much of the DNC’s fundraising problems have been attributed to its $24 million debt from the 2012 presidential election which it has only recently paid down. The lack of liquidity also raises concerns about their data gathering efforts, which many DNC insiders say is currently underdeveloped.


All of a sudden Hillary Clinton and the DNC coming to a joint fundraising agreement so early in the election cycle starts to make a lot more sense. It’s been proven that she can be a draw when it comes to attracting deep pocketed Democrats, along with her sizable voter outreach network, a Clinton nomination would negate many of the pitfalls that currently preside with a Democratic bid. So even with Sanders gaining momentum in the recent Iowa poll, it’s getting very obvious who the Democratic establishment is backing in the 2016 primaries thus far. (SPOILER: It’s Clinton.)



Court Tells Protesters, “You Don’t Have to Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here”

Supreme Court building


You want to protest outside the next major US Supreme Court case? Well, we got some bad news. The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit upheld a law that forbad protesters from holding demonstrations outside the Supreme Court steps. The court ruled that First Amendment rights do not apply in this situation since demonstrations held on the steps could potentially sway Supreme Court opinions. Protesters have traditionally demonstrated on the sidewalks near the court.


Granted this is putting First Amendment rights in an awkward position, but look on the bright side, those interns will always have a clear path when it comes to telling journalists major court decisions.


Running Interns

“Seriously, in the age of smart devices that transfer information in a nano-second, how the fuck is this still a thing!?”



#TrumpBible: The Bible According to Donald Trump

Trump Bible


Sometimes Twitter is a void of hate and uselessness that sucks in anything that is beautiful and immediately turns it ugly; you know like the Internet! Then other times, its “crazy like a fox” genius is unparalleled; also like the Internet! This is a story about the latter.


This weekend, Twitter was in a frenzy over the newest political hashtag; #TrumpBible.


Some back story.


Recently Donald Trump has been courting the Bible Belt region by proclaiming the Bible to be “the greatest book of all time.” Yet when he’s asked to name some of his favorite verses he suddenly asks us to “respect his privacy.” That’s where Twitter decided to help.


#TrumpBible are tweets from the world’s finest theologians as they pontificate on the only book that matters; the Gospel according to Trump. Here are some of our favorites.






We even made one!



Never change Internet, never change.



What’s on Tap for This Week



  • Later today we should finally have posted “Get to Know a Super PAC: Right to Rise.” We took our time with this one because we wanted to do a little more research in some areas.

  • A friend and I have been talking about Show Me a Hero and The Brink over the last couple of days. We’ll share those thoughts in some way this week.

  • We’ve been working on some Rundowns and 10-Point Experts. We should have some of them up during the week.

  • And other various tidbits that we find interesting we’ll put up. Should be a busy week!



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