While We Were Out for 08/24/15

While You Were Away

Fake newsmen making news, Trump says something idiotic about unemployment, a look at the week ahead, and much more in “While We Were Out!”



Looks like the old saying is correct; technical difficulties on a website can actually create a new weekly series!


Well, it’s a saying around here anyway.


We decided to make “While You Were Out” a regular thing around here in which we talk about the stories that caught our attention during late-Friday and over the weekend. Also we hope to use it as a vehicle to bring you some of the content we have planned during the week. So let’s get started!



Fake Newsmen Making Real News

John Oliver


It’s being reported that the IRS is looking into the tax exempt status of many televangelists after Last Week Tonight devoted much of last week’s show on the subject. Last Week Tonight’s segment on televangelists specifically focused on the practice of asking for “seed money,” the idea that the more money you give, the more “rewards” you will reap from Heaven. After the show aired last Sunday, many complaints against televangelists started to reach the IRS pressuring them for action on the matter.


So as John Oliver continues his world domination, it’s also worth noting that many want Jon Stewart to host the 2016 presidential debates. In a Change.org petition last week, more than 100,000 people signed on asking the Commission on Presidential Debates to consider Stewart as moderator. It’s unclear yet if Stewart would be interested in hosting the debates, considering he looks to have launched his wrestling career last night at SummerSlam.




Donald Trump’s 42% Unemployment Number


The US economy is still in recovery mode, but Donald Trump believes otherwise! In an interview with Time Magazine Trump stated that,


“Our real unemployment rate — in fact, I saw a chart the other day, our real unemployment — because you have ninety million people that aren’t working. Ninety-three million to be exact. If you start adding it up, our real unemployment rate is 42%.” 


Our reaction to his insight on the US economy?


We Are Laughing


Ok where to start?


EVEN if we were counting what economists call U6 measures of the economy – an unemployment measure which includes individuals that are unemployed and underemployed – you would be around a 10% unemployment rate. So even at the most loosest of estimates, Trump is off by 32%. (Important Note: The official unemployment rate is around 5.3%)


Still as of this writing, Trump is enjoying a 16 point lead in the GOP primary.


Flipping Over the Table



A Post Turtle Public Service Announcement: You Should Be Watching Show Me a Hero



You like The Wire, right? Also we assume you like backroom local politics, because you peruse this site from time-to-time.




You’ll thank us later.



Looks Like It’s Finally Bear Season on Wall Street 

Yogi Bear


On Friday the stock market took a massive hit with many companies within the S&P Index losing around 3% of their value. While the crash on Friday was significant, it was by no means similar to the historic 2007 housing market fallout. While many financial news sites are prophesying doom and gloom, most economists however are having a very different reaction.




The market in 2015 has been lackluster at best, but all this was to be expected. Since the market surged, after bottoming out in 2009, this year was supposed to be a slow year for Wall Street. With profit shares in the economy shrinking and unemployment hovering around 5%, that means companies no longer have an endless job pool of individuals willing to work for cheap – by all accounts, this was supposed to be a “meh” yeah.


If you didn’t know already, it’s bear season on Wall Street once again.



On Tap for This Week

Wine on Tap


  • After MANY requests, we’re caving in a doing a ‘Rundown’ on Donald Trump’s immigration platform.

  • Last night was the last episode of The Brink’s first season. We’ll share our thoughts.

  • ‘Get to Know a Super PAC’ will make its GLORIOUS return this week as we look at Jeb Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise.

  • Also we have other things on the docket as well, so check back!



(Photo Credit: Google Images, HBO, DonaldJTrump.com, YouTube)


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