The Democrats Have Announced the Schedule for Their Primary Debates

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Good news for Clinton supporters, not so good news for Sanders supporters, and it’s still unclear if O’Malley supporters are real or just a theoretical exercise.



There are still many questions left for the Democrats in this primary season.


Will Joe Biden run in 2016?


Will Hillary Clinton continue to completely dominate in this primary?


Will Bernie Sanders ever buy a comb?


Important questions indeed!


But at least one question has been answered, their primary debate schedule. Today the Democratic Nation Committee released a more detailed schedule confirming what they said in May, that there would only be six debates for the Democratic primary this season.


The Democrats’ first debate will happen on October 13 at Nevada then once a month after. Even though the Iowa caucuses have yet to be announced, it’s pretty easy to speculate that there won’t be that many debates before the first “real” vote (around three or four).


With so few debates, this poses well for Clinton and not so well for her challengers. When there’s 37 points between the front-runner and the rest of the pack, strong debate performances can shrink that gap. With fewer chances to debate, candidates like Sanders have to make those scant television appearances count that much more. The full schedule is below. Also a quick note, the specific dates on the last two debates has yet to be decided.


– October 13, 2015 at Nevada (hosted by CNN)

– November 14, 2015 at Des Moines, Iowa (hosted by CBS, local station KCCI, and the Des Moines Register)

– December 19, 2015 at Manchester, New Hampshire (hosted by ABC and local station WMUR)

– January 17, 2016 at Charleston, South Carolina (hosted by NBC and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute)

– February at Miami, Florida (hosted by Univision and the Washington Post)

– March at Wisconsin (hosted by PBS)



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