The Clinton Campaign and DNC Come to Terms Over Joint Fundraising Agreement

Hillary Clinton Rally

For those that don’t know, this agreement actually says quite a bit about how the DNC perceives the Democratic primary.



Even though it went a bit under the radar, Hillary Clinton campaign today has come to an agreement with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for allowing Clinton to help raise money for the party to use during the general election. That basically means Clinton can do meet-and-greets to raise money for the DNC.


Here, let Veep help clear up what we mean by “meet-and-greets.”



Right now you’re probably asking yourselves, “ok that’s nice, but why does any of this matter?” Well, for two reasons.



1) This agreement is a crucial step for Democrats to start preparing for the general elections – whether that be presidential, House, Senate, state, or local races – monetarily speaking, they’re getting their ducks in a row. While soft money (aka super PACs) play a big part in both parties, endorsements and appearances from heavy hitters like Hillary Clinton tend to be the backbone in Democratic fundraising efforts. Especially when it comes to state and local elections. Getting heavy hitters like Clinton on board early is extremely important for the Democrats. Essentially this is the Democrats way of telling everyone in their party – to steal a phrase from Game of Thrones – that “winter is coming.”



2) More importantly to people who follow politics, when the party and candidate sign a joint fundraising agreement this early in the primary season, that means both the party and the candidate are basically all but positive that the candidate will win the nomination. So in other words, the DNC is basically putting their bets on Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic primary.


For the Clinton campaign, you don’t sign a joint fundraising agreement this early unless you think the fundraising you would be doing for the party, won’t be coming back to you in some way (ie through a nomination). As for the DNC, signing Clinton early means that you can have Clinton show-up at smaller events in hopes for getting more money for other Democratic candidates. While the name recognition of Hillary Clinton would make her a draw at most stops, the DNC tying her down this early says that they want her to be at as many campaign stops as possible. The person that tends to do that in any election cycle is always the party’s nomination for president.



It says a lot about the Democratic primary that email scandals and even the possibility of Joe Biden running in 2016 isn’t swaying the DNC’s prediction. While similar agreements might happen to the other Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, you can pretty much guarantee, it won’t be happening this early.



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