President Obama’s Letter to the Editor in the ‘New York Times’

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The shock here wasn’t that President Obama was urging to uphold Voting Rights, but that people still write letters to the editor? Or that a “Letter to the Editor” section still exists in a newspaper? Or that newspapers still exist!?!



Back in 2013 voter ID laws started popping up in many states. We’ve already discussed they’re basically bullshit and how they hurt the democratic process more than help it. Looks like President Barack Obama agrees with our sentiments.


On Wednesday, President Obama sent a letter to the editor at the New York Times urging the importance of upholding the Voter Rights Act in the US. The letter from the president was a response to feature in the New York Times Magazine this month titled ‘A Dream Undone.’ The piece chronicled the history (and dismantling) of the Voter Rights Act through current electoral laws and court decisions. In his letter, President Obama pushes Congress and state legislative officials to not “disenfranchise ourselves” through these new voter ID laws.


The letter is definitely worth a read.



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