Political Swag Bag: The Jeb Bush “My Dad” Tee

My Dad Jeb Bush Tee

If you don’t think challenging someone to a street fight doesn’t show paternal love, then you clearly don’t know what love is!



Politicians will often – from the bottom of their hearts – create a number of items purchasable for their supporters. In other words, they create swag. The problem? There’s just TOO MUCH SWAG! Well that’s where we come in. We pick the items that are worthy enough for The Post Turtle’s Political Swag Bag! In the latest entry, we talk about the shirt that tells the world you love your Dad, the Jeb Bush “My Dad” Tee!



What’s the item?

It’s a T-shirt that says, “My dad is the greatest man I’ve ever known and if you don’t think so we can step outside.” Finally a shirt that challenges strangers to street fights over how they feel over your elderly father! Also conveniently comes in red to hide blood stains surprisingly well!


Who’s it for?

For those who love bar fights AND their fathers. Maybe not exactly in that order.


Why does this exist?

According to Politico, it came out sometime last week. In the Voters First Forum last Monday, Jeb Bush plugged the shirt when asked about his family’s legacy.



Ok, that’s nice and all, but you didn’t answer my original question of why it exists?

Well, that’s a good question and honestly we really don’t know why. Our take, Jeb Bush wants to get away from his brother’s legacy as president – George “Dubayah” Bush – and wants to connect himself politically to the conservative legacy left by his father, George H.W. Bush. It’s a smart idea considering many conservatives look at his father’s presidency fondly. Also it never hurts that Jeb’s father was Ronald Reagan’s Vice-President in the 80’s, or what many Republicans remember to be the “Golden Era” of conservative policy making. The lesson here, any time a conservative politician can be connected back to the Reagan era, it’s usually smart of them to ride that coattail for all it’s worth!


What is the YouTube video equivalent of this piece of swag?


What if my father told my family, when I was eight, that he was just stepping outside for a pack of cigarettes and never came back! Is there a something in the Jeb Bush store for me?

Well you’re in luck! To fill that hole of abandonment in your heart, you can purchase a $75 guacamole bowl from the Jeb Bush campaign store instead!


Jeb Bush Guaca Bowl


Should you buy it?

The guacamole bowl, of course not! Who buys a $75 guacamole bowl?!?


No we mean the shirt! Should we buy the shirt?

Well, considering the guy on the store page looks to have buyer’s remorse while wearing it – or constipation from that bad guac he made with that guacamole bowl – we’ll say pass.


Guy Wearing Bush Dad Shirt


Pass on It!    



(Photo Credits: Jeb2016.com, YouTube)


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