Nurses Union Puts Support Behind Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

And not Hillary Clinton! DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!



As the primaries move along, various groups start to back certain candidates in races. Usually, groups tend to back the strongest candidate from either the Democratic or Republican parties. So yesterday’s announcement of National Nurses United – one of the largest labor organizations for nurses – backing Bernie Sanders came as a surprise to everyone.


While the idea of a labor organization backing a Democratic candidate is anything but surprising, the fact that National Nurses United deciding to endorse Sanders, who is currently more than 35 points behind the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, is a bit of a head scratcher. What makes it even more surprising is that a month earlier a much larger labor group, the American Federation of Teachers, decided to endorse Clinton.


The endorsement is the first from a nationally known labor organization. It’s still uncertain whether the AFL-CIO – the mother of all labor groups which serves as an “umbrella organization” which National Nurses United and American Federation of Teachers are under – will endorse the Sanders or the Clinton campaign.


Yet if you combine this with the fact Sanders has been attracting an obscene number of people to his speeches, one could say Sanders is gaining legitimate momentum.


Or as the Sanders campaign would put it…




Hype Train



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