My Favorite Clip of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show

The Daily Show Chick fil A

Jon Stewart, as always, perfectly summed it up.



Considering its Jon Stewart’s last night on The Daily Show, I just wanted to share my favorite clip with you guys. While there were more memorable clips like his 9/11 monologue or his Jim Cramer interview, this one on the Chick-fil-A and gay marriage controversy best embodies what I loved best about Stewart’s tenure with The Daily Show. Bringing sanity to a situation that was getting way out of hand at the time.


In the next few days you’ll read a lot of think pieces regarding Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show – we’re currently working on ours – but I have a feeling no words will be able to convey what he meant to my generation, the Millennials, in terms of how he helped us understand the world around us. He will be missed.




(Photo Credit: Comedy Central)


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