Last Month the US Economy Added 215,000 Jobs

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And it still wasn’t enough for you people!!!



The Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with their jobs report for last month and announced the US economy had added 215,000 jobs in July with a 5.3% unemployment rate.


That’s good right?


Well… not necessarily.


Forecasters were expecting 10,000 more jobs in July, which would dip the unemployment rate a bit, but sadly remained the same.


Then again, the revisions from the May and June data added another 14,000 jobs. The numbers are showing the economy is steadily – if not painstakingly slowly – returning back to normal. The Labor Department also reported that the latest hires came from retail and the health care sector.


So keep on, keepin’ on male nurses!


“Hey don’t throw grime on their shine, they’re keeping this dumb economy rollin'!”

“Hey don’t throw grime on their shine, they’re keeping this dumb economy rollin’!”


As for the question of interest rates, the Fed didn’t hold their monetary policy meeting this month. That means it won’t be until next month in which they look at these current numbers and decide to raise interest rates or not.


Those interest rates have been zero for a while. It’s too early to tell if these numbers will change that though.



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