10-Point Expert: Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

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For the record, we were thinking of not covering something we consider not that important. But you asked for it. So here it is…



(UPDATE 09/01/16: Since this has been getting a lot of traffic, we just wanted to let everyone know that we actually updated and made a completely new 10-Point Expert which you can find here. This piece was during his GOP primary run, the new one is more recent and up-to-date with his general election platform on immigration!)  



A little lost when it comes to issues of public policy? Felling like this guy? Well relax, we’re here to help. This is 10-Point Expert, a series of articles that examine policies which are currently being introduced to the political landscape, in 10 simple to understand points. For this installment we talk about… ugh… Trump’s views on immigration. Based on requests from via social media and email you’ve been asking us to cover it. So here it is. Just remember, YOU WANTED THIS!!



Point 1: One of the most talked about aspects of Trump’s Immigration Plan is to build a wall across the Mexico/US border. Preferably with the words “TRUMP” sprawled out in gaudy letters on the US side of the wall.


Trump Building


Point 2: Oh by the way, that wall he wants to build, he’s going to make Mexico pay for it. Yeah…


Point 3: The plan also includes deporting all unauthorized immigrants living currently in the US (rough estimates say that is around 11 million people). Sadly it does not specify how this would be done, but our guess would be using one of the three wishes given by the Immigration Fairy.


Point 4: With his immigration policy he plans to defund sanctuary cities (aka cities that do not persecute illegal immigrants). Even though, as many municipalities would tell you, people have varying definitions of what a sanctuary city actually is. Then again, who says immigration policy was ever about nuance. TRUMP 2016!


Point 5: Make it harder for unauthorized workers to get jobs and send money back home. While in theory this would be exceptionally hard to enact and enforce legislatively, luckily we have two more wishes from the Immigration Fairy!


Immigration Fairy

“Man, Trump’s plan sure uses the Immigration Fairy quite often!”


Point 6: Increase spending on enforcing current immigration laws. Ok, this is actually a pretty decent idea. While funding for border control is usually looked as a “sacred cow” in Congress, other areas of immigration reform could use more federal funds.


Point 7: The plan specifies that it would not allow anyone coming to the US who “can’t support themselves.” You know what, it’s about time someone took political refugees and those seeking asylum from atrocities overseas down a peg! THE GRAVY TRAIN ENDS HERE DEADBEATS!!


Point 8: Trump’s plan would also make it harder on legal immigration by putting new restrictions on businesses to bring “high skilled” workers (aka computer programmers, engineers, scientists, ect) from overseas. Also the plan includes creating a moratorium on bringing foreign workers from abroad. By the way, the incorporation of “high skilled” immigrants is one of the few instances that Democrats, Republicans, and basically EVERYONE that isn’t named Donald Trump agree on.


Point 9: Let’s not kid ourselves, this plan is bat shit insane from top to bottom. It’s specifically meant to excite a very particular base within conservatives. I can’t imagine this plan becoming substantive legislation on any level. With that said, the absolute CRAZIEST IDEA is that of one in which he wants to change the 15th Amendment of the US Constitution. Specifically ending the practice of Birthright Citizenship.


For those that aren’t in the know, Birthright Citizenship specifically deals with the policy of children that are born on US soil automatically gains US citizenship, regardless of the citizenship status of their parents. Currently the 15th Amendment grants them that right. This is an interesting conversation among conservatives, because while almost half of them support changing the 15th Amendment – around 47% according to Pew Research – yet theoretically, many view themselves as Constitutionalists. For conservatives, this could end up being a divisive issue.


Point 10: Our thoughts on Trump’s Immigration Plan?




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  3. Shirley Thompson

    You lost me with “Preferably with the words “TRUMP” sprawled out in gaudy letters on the US side of the wall.” You obviously cannot get beyond your distain and partisan mindset. Wake up – Immigration reform is messy and is not going to please everyone on every point. The objective is to security our sovereignty.

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