US and Cuba Restore Diplomatic Relations

Cuban Embassy

While still not BFF status, they definitely exchanged friendship bracelets, so it’s a start.



It took 54 years of animosity to fade before both US and Cuba were ready to bury the hatchet. With both countries formally restoring diplomatic ties, what does that mean for their future relationship? Well a lot of things.


The most obvious is that both foreign embassies in Cuba and United States are now officially operational. The Cuban Embassy even raised their flag yesterday morning, the first time in over five decades. Lot of pomp and circumstance was tied to the event as you can see below.



While US/Cuba relations are the best they have been in years, there are still major talking points which both countries have yet to suss out. Specifically when it comes to Cuba wanting the US trade embargo lifted and Guantanamo Bay returned. Of course this is easier said than done because Congress would have to pass legislation to lift the ban and demilitarize Guantanamo. If you consider the GOP lead Congress is currently freaking out over a US-Iran nuclear deal that is more than reasonable and hesitant about closing down the prisons in Guantanamo, getting them to lift the Cuban embargo will not be easy.


As for the US, corporations are still widely barred from doing business with Cuba along with restrictions on US citizens traveling to Cuba. It will be interesting to see if part of the negotiations with Cuba over the embargo and Guantanamo Bay include provisions to improve the government’s poor human rights record and allow outsiders into the political spectrum. Only time will tell.


As for right now, that obnoxious guy that tells everyone he’s smoking a Cuban cigar can rest easy, his “stash of Cubanos” still remain special!


Guy Smoking Cigar

“But your days are numbered Chad!”




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